Gunsport announcement

This has been such a labor, I'd say of love but not really? Definitely labor though. Gunsport started in 2013(!!) as a simple game that got too complex for its own good, with a team that couldn't really work together properly, under direction by me that was uncertain and scattered, and is only now, finally, coming together into a thing that will be good to play. It was a really fun game in 2014, then not so fun for a while, then canceled, then abandoned, then worked on in halts and steps, and then finally we got the money from Stadia to actually finish it and polish it up, and this trailer is the result of that. (unfortunately it's 30 fps because we can't stop messing up ha ha)

Anyway I'm glad it's finally coming out, and might actually be good, and also there's a second big reason we're coming to Stadia which I can reveal later, but yeah, it'll be cool, and I think a lot of people will play it, which is nice!

Later I'll share more about the game's development, but for now, here's how it looked 100000 years ago:
[upl-image-preview url=//]

and here's how it looks now
[upl-image-preview url=//]

pretty different I guess!!

Oh shit, I think I‘ve seen references to this in your talks for ages. I’m so happy it's finally coming together for you!

I had a lot of fun playing it at GDC a while back, so I‘m super excited that it’s coming out! Congratulations!!

finallyyyyyyy happeningggggggggggg.

I should make some big post about how it's gone over the years, it's been a weird ride.

@exodus#847 dammit man, now I‘ve got to convince my partner to let me get a stadia just for this. In all seriousness, I’m super excited this is finally happening! I‘ve been waiting for this for ages, and assuming they’re still in there will be playing with the old style controls I got to experience at PAX West what feels like ages ago now.

Congratulations @exodus ! Wow that game has been going through some weird hoops but good marketing trick to wait that real life destroyed all existing sports before launching yours. I am sure Vince McMahon now regrets he did not invest in you instead!

I remember this game

I love a good 2v2 match. Congratulations on making this happen! Gunsport is a wonderfully fun game.

I like the name and logo of Blue Cambodia. New Republic of Congo has that La Sape style and that rifle though!

Game of the decade!

ha ha yes, I waited til the perfect time! though actually we‘re not releasing for a bit… it’d be nice if we were doing it now, because it‘s a good time for stuff! But we’ve got a bit more to do to get to the finish line. But soon! It's in that stage where every day the game gets better.

Holy crap, congrats! I‘ve been wondering about this every once in a while for years. I’m so glad you finally get to show it to the world!

do a gdmag postmortem!!!

Ha ha, as long as I'm warping back in time, I might as well