Hacks, Hardware & Emulation, Oh My

Using the latest OPL it mostly “just works”. Occasionally it doesn’t detect the card, you just unplug and it plug it back in and you’re off to the races.


Dino Crisis 2 patched up to run good on modern computors


PSIO UPDATE! Finally their first update in like 4 years or something crazy which has caused enormous drama over the years. It’s been released. It’s real. Of course I’m currently also on my first trip away from my pc in over 5 years as well, so I’m just dropping this here for the other PSIO user on this forum and to kind of check in with y’all. I was just scrolling X today when I saw it. Hope it’s great!

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This is unexpected

(iOS App Store chart may 16, 2024)

I wish the experience of getting a roms folder to an AppleTV was better.


Is getting roms set up complicated? I was planning on messing with the tv app tomorrow.

Their website is AWFUL. I don’t know how to get to the firmware download anymore or how to create an account. God do I hope someone still makes a cfw for this thing. Buying it should have been the only hoop I need to jump through. There’s a transfer ownership feature on their site too—as if that was worth diverting development hours away from making games work on your flash cart. Once again reminded why everyone hates these secretive, miserly dipshits.

Yeah what you said is the consensus almost verbatim. I’ll get around to DL the FW eventually.

Meant to follow up on this and show the evolution of the prototypes

we’re getting closer! It’s also become an offical VGNY skunkworks project


I just started Majoras Mask using the N64Recomp tool and it is incredible! If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go. And if you have, any idea how to make the right C button work properly on the Switch N64 controller? I can’t get it to work as anything except the menu button and while I set it up as ZR, it’s so close but if that’s the only problem I am having with it, I am a happy bunny. Well Deku scrub as I only just started it!!


this looks great! a friend of mine has been working on a twin stick for themselves as well

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feel free to point them at this thread on Redit where I and another modder have been going back and forth on our process


also check out thier github, which helped me get some of the design for my set up

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Heck yeah will share!