Handheld JRPGs

Since Bravely Default has been recommended a couple times, I want to throw out its predecessor Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light. It's like Bravely Default but it feels, I dunno, more fun-sized. Adorable art style, maybe my favorite 3D graphics on the DS. I also remember it feeling more like Dragon Quest than Final Fantasy? You start out as a young man assigned an adventure by the King on your birthday, just like Dragon Quest 3, and in battle your characters auto-target the most vulnerable or important enemy, sort of like the older Dragon Quest games where you just target enemies by type rather than a specific one. Also you change jobs by wearing different hats, which is adorable.


Throwing my hat in for the excellent Mega Man Battle network series on GBA. The battle system was pretty unique but I don't remember much else about it.

I think **Car Battler Joe** for the GBA belongs here despite being action and not turn based. It's just really weird that they stuck in kart racing mode 7 with a mission system and stats! It kind of works!

**Mario Tennis** on the GBC was actually a Tennis RPG that I enjoyed a lot at the time. This is probably the closest videogames will get to Infinite Jest: The Videogame, since it takes place at a tennis academy.

Lastly for completion sake **Final Fantasy Tactics Advance**, for the GBA, since no one else mentioned it. It's excellent.

@robinhoodie#24390 Shame on literally everyone for not mentioning that Riviera was a Wonderswan Color game first!

@Southeastpaw#24492 Ha ha! I forget that this is the one forum where the JP language barrier is far less of an issue. And yeah, wow. It looks great on there.

Getting back into my back catalog in the best worst way possible: 1st gen GBA so the kart is sticking out, and a worm light so i can actually see the screen.

@marlfuchs2#24565 nice. LCD mods are overrated.

@whatsarobot#24420 Well, I acquired one of these:


So I guess I will be engaging with some of your picks pretty soon.

(I am late to everything lol)

((I guess I will need to find a bunch of きせかえプレート))

@saddleblasters#25404 Whooooa congrats on one of the best and most important purchases of your life.

I still remember getting mine, which looked exactly like yours does, on launch day in Fukuoka. Didn't mean to. I just happened to wander into the Yodobashi, and, welp.

I've got a bunch of extra plates kickin' around, if you can't find anything good. I don't know how hard or easy to find they are these days!

Is The World Ends With You worth playing on Switch? I personally find the graphics uglier than the DS version, but on the other hand I am literally physically unable to play it on the DS because of the battle system, which is far beyond the limits of my shitty hand eye coordination. Otoh it seems everyone except me thought that battle system was a large part of the appeal, so I don‘t know if I should just file it under games I’ll never play or just play it on Switch.

Hmm. It's been a while since I tried playing it but I seem to recall not just having to keep track of two screens but having to do two different types of inputs simultaneously like, swipe with your right hand and do combos on the d-pad with your left at the same time? Is it possible to create a build where I can simply ignore one of the screens + not do combos?

@christoffing#28363 @Syzygy#28375 Going to piggyback this one and ask if the Android version is worth playing (got it free a while ago), or should I just play it on my DS flashcart?