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One of the most consistent critiques I‘ve had about myself over the years is that I am always thinking about the past – about things that were started and finished before I was born, or at least before I was old enough to understand what was going on, and therefore are somewhat distant from the reality that I and everyone else currently exist in. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it often feels limiting.

Tell me about exciting stuff that is happening right now -- or at least stuff that you think has the potential to sprout into something interesting. This could be new scenes/genres/movements of music/art/literature/etc, developments in some technical field that I probably don't have the background to understand, stuff that is happening locally in your city, or whatever else, as long as it is something currently unfolding, with no one having any clear idea of what it might turn into. Of course you can talk about video games too, if you absolutely have to.

Nintendo is making a Mario Movie

There is a discussion going on with an interesting premise and unfortunate recursive implications.

so is this the good news thread then? here‘s some news i’m excited for: the person who maintains the marginalia search engine just got a grant that will let them work on it full time for a year.

@“pasquinelli”#p106056 yeah, i guess it is the “news you are excited for that doesn't fit into the videogame news thread” thread. though people can talk about stuff that's been developing over a longer time period without there necessarily being any specific news.

good news

@“pasquinelli”#p106056 ok i have had time

to try this now and it is great. i feel like this will be my new first step in looking up information about music or artists i hear about, rather than just reading their wikipedia pages

This is a cool, but tough question to answer. It‘s much harder to see what’s going on now because the narrative is still forming and has yet to be canonized in cultural memory or traditional historiography. Of course there‘s lots happening. It’s just harder to talk about right now because of that lack of narrative.

I feel like trans literature is in an interesting spot. Well, it has a specific name now, and past works like _Nevada_ have been lumped in by association. Books like Torrey Peter's _Detransition Baby_ got a lot of mainstream literary press attention, and is even getting a tv series, which has had the effect of solidifying the trend in that space of publishing more trans people writing a wider variety of trans stories (outside of the strictly tragic, that is), while also allowing space for smaller and weirder stuff to continue to happen with maybe a little more attention on it (see [LittlePuss Press](https://www.littlepuss.net/) and books like _[Darryl](https://www.clashbooks.com/new-products-2/jackie-ess-darryl-preorder)_).

One of my many many takes on this whole thing is that while it's great big publishers aren't as afraid to publish trans writers as they used to be, the tropes of "trans literature" are being solidified in that market, which is what it is, which is to say pretty boring.

My hope is that Never Angeline North and Gretchen Felker-Martin keep finding ways to publish things (both, I think, would be opposed to the label "trans lit")

I just realized I answered a question about what‘s interesting with it's boring lol. In my defense, what’s happening is interesting, but the mainstream part of it continues to be boring.

I am very interested in the FTC being bullish on antitrust for the first time in decades. I think the future of the US depends a great deal upon this and it's been going in the right direction for about five or six years now.

Apple’s M-Series chips are on the forefront of computational power in a way I don’t think we’ve experienced in the last 25 years. While I don’t expect life changing software as a result of their advancements, I think we’re going to see a lot more usage of System on a Chip (SoC) computing that could accelerate things normally done by big PCs, in smaller more energy efficient packages. It seems ARM based chipsets are the next stage of consumer based computing, which in turn could force Microsoft to re-write Windows entirely from scratch and ditch all the crud baked into x64 Windows which could be kind of a big deal for improving Windows.

I could just be geeking out by the potentiality of a new CPU architecture and the possibilities we’ve seen thus far by the M1/M2 chips but given that my fellow engineers at work are equally excited, I think there’s a lot of potential on the horizon.

I think I know something that fits the bill here. In May 2020, a group of editors and filmmakers got together and formed Racer Trash, a “radical editing collective”. They re-cut and edited films, added a whole bunch of effects and music over the top, and broadcast them via twitch.

Their work was described by The Verge at the time: https://www.theverge.com/22555946/racer-trash-punk-twitch-film-collective


And so a new film collective was born, fueled by a distinctly punk ethos: to attack and dethrone cinema. One way to describe it might be movie graffiti. But depending who you ask, Racer Trash is also a powerful “fuck you” to capitalism and a nourishing refuge from regular editing work.

A small, early example is this reworked old Dr Pepper ad:
||(hot dr pepper with a slice of lemon is actually rather good -- I did not believe it until I tried it)||

In November 2021, Racer Trash announced that they were disbanding. Early 2022, several new projects rose from their proverbial ashes and the form and style have continued to evolve. This article from December, 2022 covers some of the new happenings since RT: https://brokenpencil.com/features/shut-up-and-vibe-racer-trashs-movie-joyride/


“When we’re going back about Racer Trash and what we were, a question that kept popping up is: are we a band or are we a genre?” Gardner says. “Now, it feels like a genre.

Here's an example of modern stuff, this is from just last week:


I've even dabbled and had a thing or two included in some of the weekly shows (causing severe anxiety having it side by side with such better works and watched by the same audience). My most recent was a “swell”, a wave of a music video:



This feels like a Thing that is Happening Now. I showcased some of the post-RT works overnight last night on our [IC-adjacent community discord server](https://discord.gg/VueZjWbfjZ), for anyone that happened to be around at the time. I don't know how big and wide this will go, but nobody expects underground art of any kind or movement to be noticed at all while it is contemporary.

@“rejj”#p106216 Further to this, and continuing the “art movement that is happening now” trend: yesterday there was a stream/screening of Point <BR>, a radical re-edit of Point Break. Unfortunately things came up and I was unable to catch the screening, however the editors mentioned that there will be an encore run soon enough.

In February, GrimyGhost gathered together a load of ex-RacerTrash (and some others) to produce an edit of Punch Drunk Love, titled _Grunch Grunk Glove_. Just today, they uploaded it to the Internet Archive, after it having been streamed a few times since initial premiere. I loved this one. If you have any interest in this sort of thing set aside approx 80 minutes of your time and throw this on:

Sorry for the triple post on the same dang topic, but this really goes to the nature of the Happening Now part: if you are at all curious, there is a screening coming on April 1st of a new project. The radical editing treatment has been given to Cronenberg‘s Videodrome, and there will be a premiere screening of Vimeodrome. Looks like there’ll be an in-person screening in a cinema in Toronto, along with a simulcast on twitch.


[size="10"]I'll stop spamming you all on this subject now, sorry[/size]

@“fetus8”#p106176 Yeah uh… feel free to post more thoughts. I‘m personally and professionally interested in this development. I replaced my last (ever? just to-date?) Windows PC with the new M2 Mac Mini and… I really like using that computer. Like… more than I expected. There’s a bunch of frustrating stuff for me because I can‘t “fix” problems like I can thanks to having damn near 40 years of DOS->Windows experience, but I’m generally impressed by its performance, especially per watt and in the form-factor.

But I'm a Windows weirdo. Win2k was my favorite OS and Vista was legit great if you had the 2nd edition and new hardware because they hadn't broken full-disk indexing yet.


@“rejj”#p109382 orry for the triple post on the same dang topic

Posting several times over several days in a thread for posting this kind of stuff does not require an apology. It requires us to thank you for surfacing cool things and helping to contextualize them.

@“rejj”#p109382 i love this stuff but I‘m not on any social media places so I don’t hear about all the current happenings. So, thank you for keeping me updated!

@“RubySunrise”#p109438 Same here. The IC forums are my social media.

@“tomjonjon”#p109454 honestly, kinda same now, i deleted my twitter ever since that one bozo took it over, and now i have instagram which i‘m kinda fading on and…. here? i valiantly tried out discord and turns out i don’t like it at all. it's nice to have internet habits that are more akin to pre-myspace times, where i am the one who curates what i see instead of The Feed

@“phylaxis”#p109463 heck yeah. F the feed. No more doom scrolling, no more ads and no more jerks.