Happy Birthday Dreamcast ?

I‘ve got a Perfect Guide sitting right here. Post your favorite game and I’ll post up the blurb and translate it and post a very hastily taken, poorly lit photo of the page until we get sued by Sansai Books.



L.O.L.: Lack of Love!



Lovedelic, who released ‘moon’ and other assorted works on Playstation, teams up with musician Ryuichi Sakamoto to create this game. The player is a creature who becomes a small, bug-like organism born from an egg and survives while metamorphosing into other life forms. The graphics and sounds are unique and singular unto themself, but the difficulty level is high, partly because there is very little explanation.


_note: i had to look up a lot of words i've never come across for this article, so if someone wants to contribute a better translation feel free. this is definitely not conversational japanese!_

Shenmue is my favorite but also curious about Seaman (no one twist my words please)

I have this book! I can only read hiragana so I just look at the pictures!

Cannon Spike please!

do Industrial Spy too please sorry I'm being greedy

edit: and _Despiria_

@“yeso”#p132179 looking for some sailors, huh

@"Neko"#p132174 [here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUwzjE6ZU-M)'s that Consolevania review that I originally heard about L.O.L. from. It is a challenging but charming little wordless puzzler.

@“Neko”#p132174 also can you do Elemental Gimmick Gear please?



The first (home console) work by Yu Suzuki. The main chara is Ryo Hazuki, a young man who has vowed to avenge his father's death. In this action ADV, a realistic world is presented in which the lives of the main characters, including all supporting cast and the environment naturally changes over time. This is a work that cannot be missed when talking about QTEs and open world games, which are common in the present time. A movie composed of in game footage was also cut together and screened.

The bit about US shenmue says it's a collectors item, as it's an official reverse input with English voices and signs, and both Japanese and English manuals are included.

_I guess Yu Suzuki and co were really proud of that English dub, huh..._



An action STG developed in parternship by Capcom and Psikyo, a seminal dev of 90's STG. Featuring popular Capcom characters such as cammy, nash, arthur, and rockman. The game has strong action characteristics, such as the ability to move freely within the stage and the existence of melee/combo attacks.

_neko's note : called gunspike in japan, and actually released later than the us version_



This title was probably the most successful DC gamesoft in terms of hardware sales. Seaman is raised by taking care of him for about 15 minutes each day. The game is a “raising game” about raising Seaman, and the fact that you could talk to him using voice recognition was a big topic of conversation. When the voice recognition fails, Seaman will try to guide the user in a way that makes it easier for him to understand, for instance saying “Can you say that again?” or “Your voice is too loud.”

_neko's note : Seaman was released during my own personal fever pitch of interest in Dreamcast (summer '99) and it was also everywhere in Japan that summer. I convinced my mom to buy it for me that fall to practice Japanese. Seaman later insulted me for speaking like a teenager, or being a teenager_

If favourite, then Skies of Arcadia, but I wanna know what it says about The Ring: Terror’s Realm

@“Fuck Trevor”#p132193

(taken from another chat, so excuse the formatting)

there's 2 eternal arcadias in here, one is about the @barai version which was like ¥1000
and then you unlocked the full game with DLC from sega's online service
it was like a 4 hour demo i think without the unlock dlc


A major RPG depicting the adventures of a sky pirate, who commands a flying ship, the game is highly acclaimed for it‘s grand atmosphere and varied scenarios in which the boy grows up to become a true captain, and for it’s well crafted presentation including expressive faces and visual effects.

> In terms of the game systems, there are many activities including accumulating “guts” to perform techniques, exploring the crew's homes and famous places, remodeling the hideout, and ship gun battles.

I played Blue Stinger for the first time recently and I love it. Super curious to see what the guide says.

I Imported a dreamcast to the USA when it launched in japan and then brought it into the software store I worked at to fuel presales in my store. I got a lot of presales with that demonstration. Funny part is I left the store for another job about a month before the 9/9 USA launch and didn't get to see the customers come pick up their units and hear their reactions. Fun times.

Pen Pen TriIcelon !!! (feel free to half ass this one)

Favorite is impossible so let's go with zusar vasar

My favourite has already been said so I'll go with Bangai-o.

@“treefroggy”#p132219 Weird, I was thinking of requesting exactly these two.

Sooooo instead I'll ask to hear about Segagaga!