hardware showoff

@exodus#10910 I tell you what, when Benj Edwards was making his BX sticks, he really made using them on Genesis look appealing.


I bought one of the early Atari sticks and it makes 2600 games actually playable.


@exodus#10910 I'd say the majority of genesis games are viable with a stick

viable sure, but better would be a difficult to argue position I think.

@treefroggy#10679 Hahaha, what is it doing in that aisle?? I almost got that model, but it‘s difficult to find it with the stand. I love how they both have that lovely telephone cord-like power cord. They’re really cute little crts!

@exodus#10925 Hmm, I‘d argue that any shmup, fighting game or beat em up would be as good or better than a controller if you’re comfortable with a stick. I recently played through Hollow Knight using a stick and it suited the game surprisingly well.

I also like to switch up input methods to vary the repetitive motions I make while gaming!

Speaking of sticks… do you guys remember “T.M.O.s Ministicks” from like a decade ago? They were these really amazing bespoke handmade arcade sticks. Man, I wish I knew what happened to that guy.

there aren't so many fighting games or shooters that are best on genesis - I could see it for beat em ups though!

mostly I'm convincing myself I don't need a cool genesis stick, ha ha. not at all criticizing phantomphantom's decision to fix one up, in fact I think it's super neat!

On the subject if arcade sticks, i wish i had one fat ass 25lb metal stick with sanwa denshis that would work for all my consoles.

Also, this reminds me that Sonic Pocket Adventure is my favorite sonic game and the clicky sticky is perfect for sonic imho.

lmfao what is the deal with those square pokemon stickers? Pearler beads?

All from E-waste. RAP4 is probably the best, but the Tekken sticks are nice. One DOA stick was busted so I put in a board to connect it to PS3 and updated the buttons. Modded the X-arcade to have ball top sticks instead of bat sticks, changed up the buttons and made is to that each side is its own controller. That way you could in theory play with two systems and two monitors side by side from the same control set up. I dunno, I miss building arcade instals sometimes.


@Syzygy#10962 nah these'ns are from egm pocket

I built a custom stick a few years back with Sanwa parts, the design was supposed to be a placeholder but I never changed it. It‘s got an MC Cthulhu in it, which you can make a bunch of different cables for so it’s compatible with PS3, PC, PC Engine, SNES, NES, Gamecube, Saturn, PS1/2 and Xbox. Not the Genesis though unfortunately!



@Syzygy#10977 not to be that guy but Ackshuwally the ones from EGM Pocket are mostly Green Version Sprites.

I had that nintendo power guide since I was in 2nd grade and recently it was stolen along with all my most precious keepsakes/ belongings when I tried to mail them to a family member in Maine. They received my box, but full of coathangers. So it‘s still a sore spot. I lost books my dad and grandma had made for me after I was born, my pokemon guide, my Mother1 Encyclopedia and Mother 2 book both by APE, two flcl production books, my bo-bobo animation cels, photos of my life, the ken sugimori works book, legends of localization, a legendary backpack and much more legendary items.

What happened with our mailing system this year left me with absolutely 0 photographs of my life that aren’t digitized!

Oh well, won‘t need it all when I’m dead!

Also: I was just showing off the NGPC all that stuff is incidentally on my desk :j

Sweet, another chance to show off my baby.

I bought this Sega aero city cabinet empty with no game and monitor and wanted to do something non-conventional with it... So I rigged a Sega saturn into the thing.


Aw, Chandelier Blaster 2K1. Love that one.

Arabian Fight is both way cooler and more janky than I expected.


@Neko#11363 This is a beautiful and well composed photo. Love it.

@Syzygy#11380 i assume this is because no one is making 4:3 lcds and they needed to output to 16:9, but yes, that's the worst part about it so far.

Oh dang I looooove this aero saturn!! And the dumb little drawer with the games in it!!! that's excellent. Well done!!