Heavy Music

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLD10JcsXuY @Gaagaagiins @dicegame

@“tapevulture”#p53294 god fucking damn

Imagine just lying on the floor in there

Soul Glo is mad good and they put out a song from their new album, video is wild!!!


Not very heavy, but I don’t know where else this would belong: the new Ghost album is out. I gave it a listen, it was a fun time.



my favorite heavy band of recent memory has arisen to bless us this decade

I would describe them as the intersection of artsy euro metal stuff & punchy post hardcore. think oathbreaker meets gouge away.

screeching but deep punky vocals with soaring melodic singing parts that could fill a parking lot. fast chaotic drums. atmospheric guitar riffs that can get chuggy when appropriate. & honestly the best bass in current heavy music imo very groovy & very belgian (or so I’ve heard, idk really know much about what’s goin on there musically tbh)

I blew a tire on a flood-warped Houston curb pulling over for an ambulance a couple days ago. The new one was expensive as heck. I scuffed the bottom of my recently replaced bumper too. Cars suck.

Luckily my partner just perordered this for me to cheer me up. One of my favorite albums of 2020. I don't even have a record player, I'm just excited to stare at the big artwork and pretty blue and purple while I listen for the 300th+ time.

[upl-image-preview url=https://i.imgur.com/ueDTQqF.jpeg]

@“jaws”#p76079 thank you so much for sharing this. First I‘ve heard of them. They’ll be on repeat all day/week.

My bestest mate in the whole wide worlds band released their new album today. If you like gloomy doomy sludgy stuff it is well worth a listen. Love a big old riff!


This column at The Quietus runs every other month. Good way to keep up with new H E A V Y releases.

@“tomjonjon”#p140096 The Quietus is such a great site.


there might be two heavy music threads on the forum….i think i posted in another one a month or so ago

i think the new blood incantation will be really good. based on their single and the press it seems to be a synthesis of what they've been aiming to do over the last few years. also, whenever i see the singer i think the words "steely dan" like a rorschach test.

more generally:

  • - i wanted to see boris last month but was out of town when they came through :frowning:
  • - i've been listening to more "hard rock" than the heavy stuff over 12 months, like hallas, tarot, and BOC
  • - i've accepted i like the newer darkthrone albums a lot more than the older ones
  • - despite the hard rock comment above, my favorite discovery over the last year is countess: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKmH3XHEXNI
  • https://youtu.be/i4nMjyT4epA?si=m9ge8dqmEfuV8Vrh

    On that note, Hail Sabbath Always




    @“Gaagaagiins”#p147759 i think your post got messed up and all the best era songs got cut off?





    @“MoH”#p147762 I really have no taste for Dio Sabbath, but, even more than that I despise metal elitism, so I shall certainly repeat once more: Hail Sabbath Always

    The Chinese band Junkyard (废料场) recently got all their releases (most of which had original runs of less than 100) collected together and remastered as Total Junk (全是废料). My copy arrived yesterday!


    I think some of you might know the drummer Junky, who would go on to form Torturing Nurse. I also mentioned the guitarist/producer B6 last week.

    The booklet comes with a short oral history by members of the band, along with English translations. I like what [MHP](https://www.discogs.com/artist/862300-Mhp) said:


    Here is their album Junk & Retain Junk (which also got a standalone vinyl remaster):

    I only found out about all of this stuff in the last few months, after I started going to the various noise/experimental-music events Junky organizes every week and was able to slowly absorb knowledge about Shanghai's 2000s music scene. (Most of what I see on the internet and in books in English focuses mainly on Beijing.) I wish I knew about it when I was younger! The year I started learning Chinese was also the year I discovered Boredoms. I would have been absolutely obsessed with Junkyard.

    It is one of those super-annoying scroll-wheel-to-reveal-the-text sites, but this is a story published today on the news site of the national broadcaster here, the ABC:


    Discussing things like NSBM, and mentioning that Pantera should not be headlining Knotfest.

    @“rejj”#p155086 Very interesting read there, thanks for sharing. If the article wasn't so good, that scrolling layout would have caused me to give up way to early.