Help me hunt down a hyper-niche book

Sleuths of the Insert Credit Dot Com forums, I'd like to enlist your help.

I've recently found out about a book documenting various aspects of the original _Kiki Kaikai_ arcade game, including exclusive developer interviews regarding the development process and other insight into the game's creation. For obvious reasons, this is deeply fascinating to me. The book is titled **_ビデオゲームクロニクル 1 奇々怪界_**, or _**Video Game Chronicle 1: Kiki Kaikai**_.

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I've tried to follow as many leads as I can but I just can't seem to find this thing available for sale anywhere! There's an [Amazon store page](, but there's no copies in stock and the most recent review was in 2015; doesn't seem like it's been printed in a while and seems unlikely to be printed again. That Amazon store page has some useful information regarding its author and [publisher](, but those don't seem to bring up any actionable results either. On second-hand online stores like Mercari and Yahoo Auctions, sellers are listing other printed _Kiki Kaikai_ material like advertisement fliers, magazines, and manga, but I can never find something even as innocuous as an already-sold listing of this book in particular, or any others in the _Video Game Chronicle_ series (_Kiki Kaikai_ was edition 1; surely more came after?). I've been able to find some blogs talking about how they picked it up from physical second-hand bookstores in Japan but that's about it.

I think it's about time to outsource the effort. I know a lot of you here are more familiar with the Japanese-speaking internet and also simply live in (or frequently visit) Japan yourselves. If anyone can manage to find _ビデオゲームクロニクル 1 奇々怪界_ somewhere, either online or in person (of course I'd pay you back + shipping etc.), please let me know!! It seems like this thing really doesn't want to come out of hiding, so the most eyes I can get on it the better. Hopefully this isn't too selfish of a request, I'm just really stumped here.

@“Funbil”#p85995 is this it??

@“captain”#p85999 If this alone doesn’t get you promoted to Major, I don’t know what will…

@“captain”#p85999 It sure is!! Though, the “add to cart” button doesn‘t seem to work while the “wishlist” button does. I wonder if this one is out of stock too, or if for some reason the website just isn’t working properly?

EDIT: The "add to cart" button works on a different browser than the one I was using! Case closed!

@“Funbil”#p86004 Glad you got it working!

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And I hope it being out of stock is your doing...

@“rear admiral (lower half)”#p86012 Don't worry, it is!! Though it sure would be hilarious if someone else sniped it off that website at this exact moment today of all days

You all will hear this in the next episode but the composer of Kiki kaikai was just standing around at TGS handing out flyers


@“Funbil”#p86004 Case closed!

/me slowly puts down their book hunting harpoon :(