Help me ID this mystery song

I mentioned this in the “music nobody knows about” thread, and it was suggested I upload this song isolated, so here it is.

How I came to discover it:

"I first heard it at a room party at a motel converted into a college dorm in San Francisco in the late 00’s, and obtained a copy of it there. It does not seem to exist. I have never been able to find out the name of the artist or the track name. Searching for the lyrics online returns nothing. I lost my own copy of the file but the mystery continued to bother me so I contacted a friend that I had given the song to on a burned CD years prior and recovered a mangled copy of the file from him. The song appears to just not exist in this universe and I find that slightly maddening."

I've tried googling portions of the lyrics, but no joy. I will be mortified if someone is able to figure this out immediately in a relatively simple and obvious way. But also happy to have an answer.

Shazam recognizes the beat, which is Pointblank by DosCe’, released in 2008.

It’s probably somebody freestyling on that beat. You should look into – I mean, if it’s really _that_ important – recordings from West Coast radio stations which had freestyle programs circa 2008-2009.