Here we are again: the thread where we discuss the games we are playing in 2024

Bee Movie Game on PlayStation 2 is, to my astonishment, a genuinely good and player-friendly licensed title that effectively just drops you in its world and has you get on with it, driving your little bee car to each objective with relative freedom. It also doesn’t - unlike almost every single other licensed game on PS2 - tutorialise you to death with slow, unskippable explanations of how to jump.

Shrek the Third on PlayStation 2 is an excellent 60fps God Of War clone. No, I couldn’t believe it either. But the Activision Shrek 2 game is really great so I suppose it’s no surprise I enjoyed this one too.


I’m still angry you cannot remote play FF13 or any 360 game from your phone in bed. This would have been perfect.

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If I remember correctly it has the combo scoring from devil may cry, right?

in gamepass adventures…
yesterday I uninstalled hot wheels unleashed 2 mainly because those cutscenes and because it was too similar to the first one (which I really liked but also already played) and installed Lego 2K races. It starts surprisingly fun and with more personality (lego movie vibes) that any other lego game I played (not that many).
It has chances to become my new horizon 5 a.k.a. “Cars don’t think”.

Interesting to see a few people here expressing melancholy around their recent game choices, as I am going through a similar rut. Must be something in the air. I have been increasingly wanting to play a game that totally blows my socks off, and trying to pick safe bets in that regard, but most of them fall ever so slightly short. Not having a bad time, but I just want to play a game that I’ll be talking about for years to come. I think that game is going to be Case of the Golden Idol, which has been on my radar since launch and I plan to play soon.

I spent some time working through the list of season 1 games on Playdate, lots of variety - some games not to my taste, others I enjoyed a fair bit. The one game that really stood out to me was Saturday Edition, which I knew nothing about going in. It turned out to be a slow-paced, kinda sci-fi Americana adventure game. Absolutely loved the vibes in the game, found the characters and story very compelling in an understated way and the puzzles were pitched pretty well for my level of patience/insight. My favourite game of the year so far, I’d say. Couldn’t put it down.

In recent years I have discovered a love for media set in rural or suburban America, with some sort of supernatural or folklore adjacent elements. There are parts of Twin Peaks that totally nail this feeling for me, particularly the opening sequence of the movie and quite a few parts of The Return. I also enjoyed this element of Resolution, which I watched a while back. I don’t know if there’s a specific name for this genre, or people have some similar recommendations, but I’d be grateful for either!

I finally got around to playing Insert Credit’s 2021 Game of the Year: F.I.S.T. Forged In Shadow Torch, and I liked it well enough. It felt rather too ambitious in a lot of areas and yet lacking polish in others. Really enjoyed the world and robot designs, and it ticks most of the Metroidvania boxes. But, the combat didn’t feel particularly polished, sort of wide and yet shallow. Lots of cool moves and animations but no real reason to use any of it.

I was sure that Death Stranding was going to be a hit for me, so I played through that. I loved many elements of it, but others just didn’t quite land. I read a lot of people complaining that most of the game is just schlepping packages from place to place, but that was the part I liked! Man, just take all that other stuff out and give me a game about delivering packages across a wasteland.

I was very pleased with how it addresses so many video game tropes in interesting ways - like how the majority of stuff you carry takes up space and weight. You have to balance taking useful tools with you, or more cargo, or just being able to move faster and navigate terrain with less difficulty. And how the fast travel doesn’t let you take stuff with you, but then the 3D printing allows you to create replacement gear at your destination. The “timefall” system is great as well, making the ludicrously accelerated item wear systems in games have a reasonable diagetic explanation.

Still, the longer the story wore on the less I cared about it. I didn’t care the first time I met some celebrity with a different voice as a character whose quirky name is weirdly adjacent to their role in the story, and I certainly didn’t care the tenth time. I watched through the overlong cutscenes out of obligation but I really wanted to just get back to wending my way through mountainous terrain with crates of PSPs on my back.

An experience I had repeatedly, which really sums up the game for me, was making my way to the next destination when a cool, haunting song kicks in. I enter this state of serenity and introspection, slowly making my way forwards, enjoying the bleak but beautiful scenery… and then the music abruptly cuts out, 'cause I reached my destination. Usually like 30 seconds into the song. Later on I would like kick around the outskirts until the song finished, but it’s still not really the same - totally immersion shattering. That’s what Death Stranding felt like to me, a series of really beautiful, powerful moments being interrupted before I could fully take them in.

Finally (wow this post got long - sorry!), I am currently playing Zelda II: Enhanced PC Edition AKA Zelda Again: Link is Adventuresome AKA ZIITAOL. This is an under-the-radar fan game based on Zelda 2. I have been meaning to play Zelda 2 for a while, and when I heard about it I naively assumed it would be a faithful port with QoL improvements and modern conveniences. This is… partly true, but from what I can tell it doesn’t make the game any easier. If anything, it seems to make it harder but in a more modern way? It sort of feels like a soulslike game in its difficulty, where dying is common but generally doesn’t feel unfair and there is always some incentive to keep trying.

In retrospect this may not be the best choice to experience Zelda 2 for the first time, but the game actually got its hooks in me pretty quick and I just kept wanting to play it! A ton of stuff is changed - the dungeons and world map are expanded, some of the minor quests are expanded or modified, there are way more heart containers and magic upgrades to find, some of the spells are different.

One of the knock-on effects of this is that when I get stuck or confused, I try going online to see if I can figure out what to do - but it’s so different from the original game, and this one is so rarely discussed, that I can’t find the answers. So I just have to figure it out on my own! So far I have managed to do that every time, and it’s pretty satisfying. So I guess what I’m saying is, in retrospect this may be the best choice to experience Zelda 2 for the first time?? Anyway, I can recommend it. It plays great, and wow this game has a great score!


In solidarity with the forum being down I also avoided all video games until yesterday (/s lol).

Tucked into Dark Souls for a solid 5 hours last night. I’m near the last quarter so it’s tough to dip in for a short session here and there, I feel the need for at least 2 free hours to make progress and that’s been a wall to surmount with other life things and interests going on. However, cleared thru New Londo and James Cameron’s Zelda Four Kings Adventures and moseyed my way thru the Dukes Archives (damn do I love a good library, but wish those magic librarians could get checked out, permanently).

I now have all of the things needed for accessing the DLC, sitting at a level 72 with around 31 vigor and 26 STR/DEX rocking the Furysword and upping endurance to give me more armor options. Any suggestions on when to jump into the DLC? Thematically completing it prior to the Astorias fight makes a lot of sense, I think I’m still a few zones and bosses from there yet. Could also try it now and gauge things.

I have been playing for on and off 6 months now, with a few other games sprinkled in but no completions. Been in a protracted battle with the enemy (books) the last few months but still hoping to complete more games this year than last. I have some nice completable ones on the list…but I caved and grabbed Demons Souls PS3 and Sekiro on a good used deal so may just be in From-land forever lol.

-formerly FaulteredBeast


I am neeeearly done with TUNIC, just have a few stray collectibles left to track down. It’ll be the twelfth game I finish this year and while it’s Pretty Good, I don’t think I’ll revisit it.

Thinking after that, it’ll finally be time to start MOTHER 3 and/or convince my partner to play Radical Dreamers with me so we can play Chrono Cross later in the year.


Aw hayul. Finally getting settled into playing Red Dead Redemption 2 after a whole lot of hesitation over the commitment of it. I have so many other games that I want to either pick up or revisit, but I’ve finally gotten into the groove of playing this one and will play the heck out of it. This is one of the few games that I wish I had an ultrawide display to play on.

I’m also gearing up to replay and possibly do a let’s play or stream of Mega Man Legends! It was my first PS1 game and I still wholeheartedly dig it.

Working on some fighters as well. I have a local friend to play Guilty Gear Strive with, so that’s something I desperately need to practice. Besides that, I think I want to really learn how to play VSav.

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I would say you’re in a good spot to scoot that boot into the DLC.

I’m really excited for you! It ended up being some of my favorite content in the game. The boss designs and encounters are some of the best and feel like they have a little more depth than the base game.

You’ll get some fun items there, too!


I finished (and loved) Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. I was looking at the platinum requirements and while I would like to add that one to my list, there’s just no way you can be an adult with a job trying to play games as a hobby and have time for all of that. I put in like 85 hours and I think this would add another 40-60, conservatively. So, that one’s done at a not quite 100% unfortunately.

Started playing Marvel’s Midnight Suns last week and boy is this one a lot of fun. Something they talk about a lot on the podcast is how there are so few modern AAA games that let you just sit down and play, and sadly, I can’t say that Midnight Suns bucks that trend. The first couple hours are an absolute slog - I only stuck around because I liked the tutorial and wanted to do some more fighting. Once the real game begins though, it’s really, really good. As a former comics reader and current bad comics movies viewer, I can’t say they are batting 1.000 with this dialogue or these character interpretations, but powers wise they do a pretty nice job making each hero feel like themselves even in a turn-based combat situation while providing them with classic deck builder gimmicks (Blade can apply bleed, Captain America stacks block, etc). I remember hearing this was XCOM with heroes, but really it’s a straight up RPG spin on Slay the Spire in a Marvel context.


I have (essentially) all the time I could ever want to play video games and even I decided against going for this one. It’s one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had (which is normally the exact sort of thing that makes me go for a Platinum), but full completion on this one seems absolutely brutal


Yeah. I definitely COULD do it but I don’t want to lose those good feelings by grinding all the combat trials and mini games, to say nothing of then beating the game again on hard lol

Best way to make yourself resent a game you love is play it well beyond the point of enjoyment. I’ll just happily revisit it again some day instead of doing all that

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The biggest commitment/thing deterring me from playing more is how long it takes to turn on! Do I really have the patience to wait two minutes for this game to boot?


I’ll check it out next! Super stoked, loved Bloodbornes DLC but had to tap out on Laurence, cannot recall if I did more than Maria but that was a standout fight, one of my favorites. Think I have more of a handle on things now so hoping to see it all.

I was reading your post and wondering who this new poster was. But it was a familiar face all along! Glad to read you’re still having a good time with Dark Souls. On my first playthrough I didn’t even know there was a whole dlc section in there, let alone how to activate it. On my second try I dipped into the very beginning of the dlc before getting distracted by other games. Maybe it’s time to jump back in there, hmmm…

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lol this is my usual username so should probably keep it now I guess

I am “cheating” by referencing a guide (moreso now that I am trying to wrap things) but I’m not sure if there’s a better way to approach the game so removed from it being current. DS seems to really need that community aspect to be completed properly/in a reasonable amount of time. Part of what hooked me with Elden Ring and got me into these games and made things finally click was that community learning and finding cool shit in real time aspect.

I listened to the DevGameClub playthrough and they made a point to avoid all online guides or tips and I would not have had the patience to have tried to figure all the systems and exploration like that, not with a job/other interests/dozens of cool games to checkout. And as interesting as the content of their playthrough was to listen to, I really think they would have had a better time (and been more true to that community experience) by referencing forums or guides as needed.

Anyway, game rules, From rules, video games are cool.


SaGa Emerald Beyond demo is out. Would have been happy with more SaGa Scarlet Grace but this feels fairly different, with a healthy dose of GB SaGas and PS1 Frontiers thrown into the mix. Still puzzley-but-different timeline battles and lots of odd Kawazu touches, very good. Particularly liked the announcer dramatically voicing new battle tutorials.

Curiously enough each platform’s demo gets a different protagonist. (I wonder/hope that PS5 Guy’s casual use of “heck” was inspired by IC).


have been playing some Combat Mission: Fortress Italy. I enjoyed the old CM games as a lad back in 2001-2002 but wasnt smart enough to really understand them (jury is out if that’s still the case 20 years later) but never gave the series’s second wave of releases much of a shot. They’re “serious” strategy games, which means they’re priced for comfortably retired old guys, which is mostly why I passed to this point. But I noticed that most, if not all of the games in the series have demos available on the developer’s website and after giving it a try got pretty engrossed so I thought why the heck not

Overall I like the game quite a lot. Interface takes some getting used to, but I think it works decently well given the complexity and granularity of the inputs; you’re issuing commands to soldiers typically at the squad level, but you can split even squads down further into individual soldiers if you want to. This scales up to battalion-level engagements, but so far fighting with a company or two has been my speed. The depth and attempted realism is impressive:

  • focus on historical engagements and OOBs
  • you need to be mindful of terrain in like a 1:1 geometry sense; minor inclines and declines in the ground so that you can position tanks “hull down” for example. Need to factor in bullet drop and your dang “Beaten Zones”
  • complex line of sight mechanics, need to use spotters, scouts etc
  • simulation of battlefield communications, meaning that you need to maintain links between platoon ↔ company ↔ battalion HQ. in WW2 because radios aren’t ubiquitous, so you have to stay within shouting distance or within sight for hand signals (with respective differences in response time)
  • there’s a lot of army stuff I have to learn, etc
  • Turn-based mode is 100% the way to go. Don’t know why anyone would do real time

A couple other general positives: it looks like a Dreamcast game. There doesn’t seem to be any wehrmacht (or worse) worship like you get with other games in this genre.

Cool game I’d recommend tactics fans give the demos a shot at least


Curiously enough each platform’s demo gets a different protagonist.

That is a fascinating decision. Has any other game taken that approach before?

I played the Switch version of the Emerald Beyond demo, which centered on a young woman who dreamed of being slash was a witch of some sort, in modern Japan, and she had to collect cats to get her powers back. It was the most cliched anime tripe imaginable, and I was extremely not into it.

I was also really bummed because I loved Scarlet Grace, and was ready for more of that. Now, granted, there was also some kind of future robo-cop style dude who showed up, so obviously there’s some SaGa-style zaniness going on.

But I sure bounced off the Switch demo real hard, and would like to see a different demo instead. To YouTube!


I thoroughly enjoyed this game — it hit the right notes tuned to my particular tastes. I also gobbled up the expansion chapter DLCs as soon as they were available. Neither is as strong as the original base game, but both worth playing if you do indeed end up liking it.