Here we are again: the thread where we discuss the games we are playing in 2024

I finally decided I was satisfied with what I got out of Animal Well, but I’m looking forward to reading everybody’s spoilers.

Still poking at Case of the Golden Idol. I think I’ve tuned into the game’s wavelength, because the last two cases I did didn’t take too much work on my part. I had the very satisfying experience of having one of my guesses be correct on the very first try (the intoxicating dinner party case). I thought I was close but didn’t think I would get it in one!

Other than that, I’m still looking around for a project game. A lot of very interesting games came out in the span of like ten days and I can’t decide if I want to play one of those or go digging in the archives where I usually live.


I think I had the most trouble with a couple of the early Golden Idol puzzles until I tuned into that wavelength yeah. Similar experience for me. Cool game


I went away for a long weekend and found a small amusement centre with a bunch of ticket redemption games.


What’d you get?

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Finished Card Shark. I don’t know much about actually pulling off card tricks, but do think the game translates the idea of doing card tricks to controller well. Had fun tricking the rich folk

Also been playing Crow Country. It’s scratching the itch Lorelei and the Laser Eyes didn’t. I don’t have a real problem with Lorelei or anything. I just wasn’t ready for math problems and remembering the unit circle from high school wore me out. Crow Country plays the survival horror genre straight with silly puzzles and it’s working for me.


Got myself a couple of mugs and some nonsense tat!


I beat Trials of Mana on PS4 last night. Pretty solid 7/10 action RPG but the writing and voice acting for Charlotte is the most grating thing I’ve ever heard in a game. I’m not even someone who cares about voice acting but it’s like they went out of their way to make the worst thing imaginable.



i ended up playing resident evil 3 after all but since i was only curious to see how the game went down i played on standard difficulty with some of the shop unlocks in my inventory. it was fun to go around and pop zombies off with my infinite pistol, but that didn’t stop me from getting tense at the deimos power station and dying to nemesis a few times. i refused to use the infinite rocket launcher to keep things fair, save for the hospital siege where i decided to have some fun.

overall a very decent game, but it didn’t compel me to multiple playthroughs like RE2 did

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I booted up Yakuza 5 last night. I have played 0-4 + both Kiwamis and I own both 6 and 7, but I decided I might as well play 5 as well to eventually complete the whole story.

I haven’t played one of these PS3 Yakuza games in a long time and it’s quite an adjustment. Obviously everyone loves these games but there’s just something that, at this point, feels slightly off to me about the combat. I’ll keep going because I love these games but I’ve heard that this is kind of the most disliked game in the series so I’m keeping that in mind as I tap through the many cutscenes.

I was also playing Elden Ring over the weekend. I didn’t have a current active endgame file so I had to go beat Radahn and Mohg again before the DLC releases next month. That’s a fun game over there.


The only game I’ve had time to play or think about recently is this new deckbuilder.
The console: my backyard
I’m playing on hardware. The hardware is hammers and nails.
It’s a 2/10 game but playing co-op has made it easier
It started out as a puzzle game, but when boards stopped fitting together nicely, it became a beat 'em up
I’m working my way through hard mode right now (stairs)

I’ve been hardcore minmaxing (minimal planning and spending the maximum at Home Depot)
I already have a much more efficient build planned for NG+ (I wish I could start over and not mess up the stair measurements)

Don’t really recommend adding it to your backlog!


afaik y5 is one of the better-liked ones! maybe that’s just a insert credit style consensus but even at its excessive length it’s one of my top yakuzas. it’s also nice that, after constantly upping the stakes and adding more and more and getting bigger and bigger that they stripped it all back for y6, made it in a small-town setting with just one character, that kind of thing. kinda hoping they do similar scaling back with y9 maybe, cuz as much as i’m getting out of y8 it’s still being a little too too much

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I finally got Max Payne up and running on my PC(you need to install a mod pack to get it to run on Windows 10 and fix the sound) and then fixing the frame rate(I needed to cap my monitor’s refresh rate at 60hz and force vsync through Nvidia settings, the high framerate was breaking the physics and causing Max to get stuck on geometry).

Game rocks! It’s pretty wild how old school this kind of level based shooter feels nowadays but the game is so fast and responsive that it feels dreamy to play. I appreciate all of the very 00s storytelling devices too. In-game cutscenes, photos with a filter over them(I assume) to look like a graphic novel, heavy narration. Kind of fun to see just how much of this style of writing Remedy has carried forward too. It can definitely feel a bit corny but I feel like it works in this game whereas sometimes in their modern games it feels almost at odds with how high fidelity they are.

Got a blast of muscle memory from back in the day with the quick save and quick load button. Those used to be such a key part of gaming back then and I fell back into constantly using them in this one. You gotta too because sometimes you don’t have much health and have to almost do perfect mini-runs to make sure you don’t get it in certain sequences. Good fun!


I do think Yakuza 5 is overall my favorite of the PS3 games, but it does have a few extremely boring sections.


I see. Well I was getting that sense from reddit, but my views align more closely with the IC brain trust in general I’m sure. I’ll keep playing of course, I can’t start Yakuza 5 and not at least play as Haruka for a bit. I also know there’s the baseball guy and I’ve always been curious about his whole deal.

My favorite is 0 but my second favorite is probably 4, so the multiple protagonists thing hasn’t been an issue for me yet. My brother is a big fan of 6 though and told me he thinks I’d like that pared down story as well. Still got a long way to go before I get to those RPG ones, and it’s been very tempting to just skip ahead to see what they’re like, but I can hold off even though it’ll probably take me years since I don’t play these games back to back.

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I’m in one of my moods where the game I know I want to play won’t come to me, so I’ve been keeping myself busy with random little oddities.

Picked up the SNK 40th anniversary collection and I’ve been having more fun with it than I thought I would. I’ve been enjoying Crystalis, which I never played before, and doing runs in Psycho Soldier.

I also started a “free run” of Tears of the Kingdom, I guess. I’m not doing any main story points, just exploring the map and doing side quests while playing with all the toys. It’s been nice to have this game where I can drop in after a long day and just kinda… poke around without too many objectives to worry about. It’s been fun just kinda going, “that part of the map is still closed off, let’s go there” and just seeing what happens.


I’m close to finishing this one! I’m loving everything about this game, even the corny parts. The reason I put it down for a while was because I just cannot get past the second nightmare section where you have to follow the blood. Idk if I’m just terrible at movement but the platforming in those section is super irritating, which is a bummer because those sections are otherwise very impactful moments in the narrative.


have you played Max Payne 2? Heavily under-appreciated game imo


I just finished Little Kitty, Big City. I’m not sure I have a lot to say about it other than it was a nice and relaxing, low stakes game that (at least for me) hit the cool hang-out-vibe notes.

I took my time and did not rush anything, and I’d say the whole thing took me about 5 hours over a couple of sessions. I did not aim for (nor reach) 100% completion, but I have ended my time feeling satisfied.


Playing DQV for 7 hours per day. Feels like I’m Probably one of the only ones besides speed runners who spend 7 hours straight with old ass hardware like a Super famicom. Though that is for good reasons, because now I think I’m sick.