Hey Brackt. Need an opinion regarding polls.

Hey Brackt.

As I'm planning to make a favorite game cutie tournament, March Madness, er, April Madness style (to pass the time), I realized that I need your opinion on a certain scenario. On one side, I can have 2 different winners: one from here, and one from Madman's Cafe, but this will mean that the board gets flooded with an insane rush of new posts. On the other, I just link to Madman's, as one post can show multiple posts, but we're not sure if there's unity of the end result. Should I go w/ the split scenario or the united scenario?

I don't think we have to worry about any insane rush of new posts, it should be fine however you wanna do it :P

Thank you so much Brackt! I'll finish whipping up the entries soon! This should somewhat make the time progress during this lockdown. (≧▽≦)