High Grade People in a Perfect Grade World

Multi armed suits are cool

@“Chopemon”#p128453 I also need to shrink down photos before posting them. They look OK on a phone, but boy do they look stupid at 30". :stuck_out_tongue:

A gift from my brother from his last trip to Tokyo

I'm a very casual gunpla builder, but this cup noodle was a really fun kit and I love seeing it on my shelf.

Last thing I built was a Quebely, but I will not be posting photos of that because that was a difficult kit and I put it together sloppily.

Does digitally sculpting my own creatures, 3D printing them, and painting them still count?



@“rejj”#p111602 I’ll try to remember next time I’m visiting to grab a photo.

Ha ha ha oops. I guess emphasis was on _try_.

I shall continue trying to remember

@“HyggeState”#p128646 heck yeah. I've been buying 3d printed accessories from Etsy to add to my Warhammer. Nothing as exciting as creatures but 3d printing has been a real boon to people who like to convert their miniatures.

@“KingTubb”#p128605 Hell yes, no gunpla beats 80's gunpla (or reprints).

Last weekend's project: RG Zaku-II.

This build was waaaaaay less "Real Grade loose" than the RX-78 I put together, I can actually pose this thing without it falling to pieces, and it looks great!

The 40K continues with a grim dark servitor. For my Sisters Repentia unit (sinners that wish to atone to the Emperor by charging into battle with double handed chainswords) I wanted to make a group of sinners that have been converted into servitors for their crimes. GW's John Blanche is possibly my all time favourite artist and I want to include more of his grim dark body horror in my army.


OK this is hilarious.

True Detective, season 2. (Which I stopped watching shortly after this scene. It isn’t very good.)


I'm gonna have to get some pics. My current backlog consists of me building the MG Guntank and Gouf. I usually build Sds when I want to take a break from the more complex builds