Hold That Elevator


@“Danimal”#p43157 its crazy just how many giant elevators there are in video games

Especially and specifically those giant industrial elevators that move along a diagonal path…these seem orders of magnitude more prevalent in video games than they must be in real life, right?


@“Syzygy”#p43169 I’m not sure if there would be enough interest for a ‘best freight elevators in games’ thread but

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/wutgM3v.png]

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/Q5ogOW3.png]

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/6WBw1ei.png]


@“kory”#p43166 Agreed! Those things are way more common in video games than real life.

I know there are some good examples in the Metal Gear Solid games of big diagonally moving elevators... But then I remembered this amazing scene that I just had to share. One of the most memorable elevator scenes in video games for sure:


@“UnparalleledDev”#p43176 you know what I’m talking about! Let’s get some turtles in the mix too for good measure:

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/9cUMEBB.png]
[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/8o7Qk6S.jpeg]

This trope owes a lot to Akira’s giant slanted freight elevator scene (ironically not featured in the Famicom adaptation).







Too sleepy to get it myself but the one in Chrono Trigger

Top 10 SegaSaturn elevators.

## #10

That awesome hangar lift atop the Blackbird in **X-Men Vs. Street Fighter**. Bonus points for [its reflections being too much to handle](https://youtu.be/-ZB--fYbGAU?t=5m9s) for the weak-ass PlayStation next door.


## #9

… Possibly inspired by the temple stage in **The King of Fighters ‘95**, in which you keep climbing floors with each round.


## #8

Taking the linear motor elevator to the Tokugawa Zero-G gardens in **Policenauts**. Not that big, but _really_ long when you consider it gets you high enough to escape Beyond Coast’s artificial gravity.


## #7

Climbing the elevator shaft in **Dynamite Deka**. Hey, nobody specified you had to be _inside_ the elevator. Losing a few points because it’s too short and you can miss it depending on your play-through route.


## #6

Thanks to various efforts involving game preservation and fan translation, way more people will get to experience **Wachenröder** very soon. And that’s a good thing! More people will also get to play the _Das Institut_ map, which is… Certainly a thing. Quite a memorable stage “thanks” to its elevator gimmick that is meant to force you into choices. Should your squad patiently take the stairs? Try to rush through the slow elevator that can only accept four party members at once? Divide your team? It doesn’t really matter, because the true challenge of this vertical map is the stupid elevator shaft consistently hiding half the stage from view! Argh. You won’t forget it, that’s for sure. There are other, better implemented elevator gimmicks later on in the game, but _Das Institut_ is undeniably Wachenröder’s Big Ass Elevator moment.


## #5

Lots of outstanding elevator cameos of all sizes in the perennially under-appreciated **Dark Savior**; there’s even half a dungeon in the Parallel 2 storyline that is all about helping a Boss stuck on a giant elevator platform reach the top floor so you can finally beat up their ass. However, my heart goes to the simpler, charming secret entrance to the underground lair of the Jailer’s Liberation Organization. What a weird, unnecessarily complicated contraption.


## #4

It’s all CG but one of the pivotal cutscenes (>!escaping from Uru’s underground ruins and bonding with Azel!<) in **Panzer Dragoon Saga** happens inside a giant elevator. Also technically serves as >!the title drop!< in the Japanese version, I guess.


## #3

As demonstrated above, many fighting games have tried the giant elevator gimmick, but none of them pull it off as perfectly as Raxel’s stage in **Fighting Vipers**. The soundtrack rocks – it’s probably the best track in the entire game. There is actual interaction with the elevator: it is possible to destroy the Plexiglas® walls as a special K.O. and send the opponent away to their immediate, certain death… And yet have them come back for a second round (see below). You get to fight a hair metal guitarist. [You get to fight a hair metal guitarist AS PEPSIMAN.](https://youtu.be/Uh8bYyPJ0Tk?t=11m58s) And it’s all played straight. Awesome game mechanics and super tight controls, too. Just watching this and I suddenly feel the urge to pop the disc in the Saturn tonight. Fighting Vipers, what a gem!


## #2

You know what’s better than taking the elevator? Taking _on_ the elevator. That is **Radiant Silvergun**’s idea for the final boss of Stage 3, which happens to be first stage of the game.


## #1

I mean: on top of being one of the three greatest action games of the Nineties, **Elevator Action Returns** is the Pornhub of elevators in games. You know exactly what you’re coming for. It’s mostly a solo affair though ~~just like browsing Pornhub~~ but you more specifically see one Big Ass ~~just like browsing~~ Elevator in the oil rig level (Mission 5: Crimson Line), made up of five concurrent elevators that you need to carefully line up and cross over.


I wish I had a cool supercut to show or something, but I just wanted to say that Elden Ring is pretty much Progressively Larger and More Elaborate Elevators: the Game

Apparently Growl features an entirely naturally occurring giant diagonally descending elevator! Neat!


Wild Arms starts with some folks running from monsters and getting on a giant elevator.


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@“Karasu”#p116448 Alien vs Predator has a bonus level on an elevator where you need to destroy the control unit in 20 seconds. If you don’t, it crashes into the ceiling and you take damage and start the next level with less health!

Doom (2016)

@“Dunkr”#p131207 I wasn‘t thinking about playing Doom ’16 but now I‘m thinking about playing Doom ’16.

I have always been Doom (2016) curious but I‘ve always been worried that by playing it on a gamepad I won’t enjoy it as much and I don‘t have a PC fast enough to run it which is why I’ve never played Doom (2016).

@“antillese”#p131210 I just played it for the first time with a gamepad. I got used to it and now I have slightly sore thumbs which is much preferable than the entire right arm pain I‘d get with a mouse. I had to upgrade my gpu for work recently so I’ve been slowly catching up with some bigger games from the last 7 years. I had a good time but it was too long.

@“antillese”#p131210 I played it on Xbone and had a blast. The stick sensitivity is very finely tuned. Another option is to play it on Switch with gyro enabled.

@“antillese”#p131210 it’s definitely tuned for a pad.