How are you celebrating Cyber Monday

There are many options during America's favorite holiday, such as the ones kid fenris shares here:

How will you celebrate? As for me, I won this on a whim on eBay 12 days ago. Exactly the amount of time I knew it would take to be packaged, shipped, and delayed, so that it could arrive today in honor of the holy season.

[upl-image-preview url=]

Please share how you celebrate this holy day of capitalism and I wish you all a Very Happy Cyber.

Cyber Tracker: rated R*!”

~(the R stands for cybeR)


‘CYBER-TRACKER’…Non-stop action… A solid platformer

is what my eyes told me that said (glitch in the optic nerve) so let us know if there are any good jumps in the movie

Maybe this is a good day to start Deus Ex...

@“captain”#p94782 needs the word cyber in it though

@“exodus”#p94783 “Deus Ex” is the latin for “cyber punk” is it not


@“captain”#p94784 “Deus Ex” is the latin for “cyber punk” is it not

No you're thinking of Deus ex machina

I looked at some shoes, and I think they were marked up so the discounted price is back to the normal MSRP. That's pretty cyber if you ask me.

I'm celebrating cyber monday by only using CRTs today. you know because cyberpunk and stuff.

[upl-image-preview url=]


(im not really doing this)

i got a multi-effect pedal for my daughter to use with her electric violin.


shhh, don't tell her.

@“穴”#p94787 i messed up my tv playing ikaruga like that. it ws pretty cool though.

I bought a Fender Squier Mustang to finally learn guitar!!

I celebrated by reading this very short story from William Gibson's old blog (three posts down).

[size=10]I also bought a backpack.[/size]

Wait is that today

I cleaned my dang house, which is about as cyber as I get

It’s Tuesday, America, you’re drunk.

i bought neon white and played the first few levels

seems like a neat game! i really dig the aesthetic, really suck at the shooting (even with aim assist turned all the way up), and the soundtracks pretty good!

(the plot, as already mentioned by many here, is pretty ‘eh…’)