How do you organize your games?

I keep all of my games in different sized IKEA boxes on a shelving unit that has other non-games stuff on it too. I don‘t have a lot of surface space so wouldn’t really be able to line them up, spine facing forward, without having to go several layers deep.

Boxes are broadly grouped together based on platform holder, age or type, whether a cartridge is loose or boxed, and number of games that I have. Each box is then alphabetised, and in the case of multiple formats to a box it's by console first then game name.

If any boxes are nearly full I try to take a one in, one out approach but I'm not super strict on this. If there's something that I have absolutely no intention of ever playing again then I'll get rid of it but otherwise I'll try and give a game to a friend or an otherwise good home.

Off the top of my head I have boxes for:

Small boxes

  • - Loose SNES and Super Famicom carts
  • - Loose N64 carts, PAL and NTSC-J
  • - NTSC-J and PAL PS1 games
  • - Gameboy, GBC and GBA games. Mostly loose.
  • - PSP
  • Large boxes

  • - PS2 - PAL and NTSC-J
  • - PS3, PS4 and PS5
  • - Boxed Super Famicom, N64, Mega Drive and NTSC-J GameCube
  • - PAL GameCube, Wii and Wii U
  • - Switch, DS and 3DS
  • - Saturn and Dreamcast
  • - Mini consoles
  • Extra large box

  • - Xbox 360 (this one has lots of space leftover and I'm probably going to swap with one of the larger boxes.
  • so vinyl is about the only thing i keep alphabetically (by genre), as it'd be a nightmare to find stuff otherwise

    games are by system, genre and then my favorites - this allows countless hours of drunken high fidelity request rearranging as i decide which is the better shmup or platformer or the like

    i do go the extra mile by keeping sega stuff in blue ikea billy bookcases, nintendo in a red one, black for sony etc. atari naturally goes in a woodgrain one that it currently shares with PCE and xbox stuff, the latter because i'm low on space and a green shelf would be dope but frankly that's time i could be using gaming

    Like most people on here, I arrange things alphabetically by system. My games in DVD/Blu-ray type cases are in DVD holders, while my older games are in dressers. The one unique thing I like to do is arrange all of my completed games before all of the games I haven't tried, both in alphabetical order, so I can see how many physical games I still have left to play.

    So I know that thread is about physical games…. But I‘m wondering if anyone has a solution for organizing digital games- specifically on PC. The issue is that I have games on Steam, itch, Epic, GOG, EA, Rockstar, Ubisoft, Amazon, and Microsoft Store… (I have PS Plus Subscription and Game Pass too- but that’s a whole other deal). I know that plenty of people are dealing with the same issue of too many game launchers/store fronts, but is there any solution for this this cluster*** on PC?

    I've come very close to buying games multiple times simply because I can't look at what I have and don't have all in one place... (and opening every launcher at the same time is clearly insane). Most of the platforms other than Steam I only have because of the free games they give away. If there is an easy way to keep track of what games you have and on what platform/launcher it's on, I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants it!

    yeah for steam i just do folders of queue (i actively want to finish these one fine day), favorites (audiosurf type shit ill endlessly replay), contenders and unko

    @“IrishNinja”#p81319 Steam is almost a solution to the problem, because you can add games from other platforms… but only games you have installed. So that limits the ability to keep track of all of your library.

    @“Danimal”#p81324 ahh you‘re right, damn

    i’ve tried logging my entire collection onto RF generation but even they miss stuff, and using more than one thing to keep track is…inelegant, yeah