How much swearing is in this game?


Christian rating 1 of 5, Gameplay rating 5 of 5. I'm sure god will understand 🎮🙏😌

@“Tradegood”#p110432 I had to find out which game might get the 5 of 5 “excellent” Christian Rating, and I did not come away disappointed.


@“whatsarobot”#p110435 It‘s hilarious, I love looking at the 1/5 Christian scores. Who buys Diablo 2 and goes "Well this isn’t christian at all! It's just as satanic as anime!"


Also maybe I'm reading into it too much but there's something suspect about the [Wolfenstein Review]( 🤔

Also they claim FFX is a great game aside from the fact that the characters don't simply join the Church of Yevon. Never mind the way the church is >!trying to genocide the Al Bhed or keep Spira in a cycle of destruction and suffering just to maintain the tradition of the final summoning…!<

>!Yuna should have simply married Seymour and let him end all human life like a good christian wife. 😔 I think FFX probably hit too close to home for these people, having a death cult hiding behind pageantry of faux-salvation as the villain. !<




“FF8's” good points are weighty, however. Rather than embrace New Age spirituality (as “FF7” did), “FF8” focuses on service, selflessness, and love (all distinctly godly themes). The game shows consequences of selfish behavior and godly service in remarkable ways. Squall and Edea Cramer's transformations from selfish loner and crazed sorceress (respectively) to vulnerable, loving man and quiet, wise mother (respectively) adds unheard-of depth to the often shallow FF legacy.

I just realized this game may have sidestepped a moral panic in the nineties about witchcraft simply by using the fancier word "sorceress":


There is also the use of magic, but not in a witchcraft since [sic]. Magic in the game is very important and learning when to cast certain spells is important to the completion of the game, it is shown as just another attack and does not glorify Pagan acts in any way.

uh hello, what part of Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec don't they understand??

I don't want to read this one on an empty stomach: Xenogears

I was thinking about how nutty shit like this went away eventually, but then it actually just transmogrified itself into shit like Prager U didn't it?

No entry for MadWorld :[

However, Ridley Scott’s _Prometheus_ gets a stamp of approval for promoting intelligent design!

@“connrrr”#p110444 Prager has his own bizarre lineage - once upon a time he published some respectable academic writing on antisemitism, then he joined the right-wing talk radio scene, secured Koch funding, and got hip to the internet to become the monstrosity we know today.


@“connrrr”#p110443 Wow the comments on this one are actually kind of great. A bunch of kids respectfully expressing a diversity of viewpoints and interpretations of the game’s religious themes, several of them accidentally rediscovering gnostic Christianity and/or protestantism in the process. It’s a more civilized and open-minded debate than you’d find on GameFAQs that’s for sure.


@“2501”#p110453 respectable academic writing on antisemitism


also the holy trinity as I now understand it: big bible + two littler bibles.

@“connrrr”#p110462 Seriously!

@“2501”#p110463 I mean that he co-authored something less heinous isn't that surprising to see among grifters.


@“Tradegood”#p110432 Christian rating 1 of 5, Gameplay rating 5 of 5. I’m sure god will understand :video_game::pray::relieved:

bless up!

@“connrrr”#p110467 I just think it’s kind of interesting that Prager is one of these characters who started off relatively sane decades ago and went off the deep end, as opposed to much of the right-wing grift scene who seemingly knew they wanted to be right-wing grifters at every step of their lives.

its because he makes more money being a weird reactionary, that's why he “changed”

Good topic. Let’s keep it focused on the interactions with games y’all. :+1:t2: