How often do you play video games?

Just curious. Is it a daily thing? Only on weekends? Once in a blue moon, when the urge strikes you?

I ask because I took the entire month of November off. No games at all, and very little games-related media. It was refreshing (for me) and a much-needed detox. Personally, this felt like A Big Deal, because it was by far the longest (conscious, intentional) break I'd taken since my university times, and because my relation to games had started to feel more like an addiction than a pursuit I was actively enjoying. I'm in a better place now, and no longer feel compelled to play nightly, like I did before.

Then, in a funny bit of timing, in the second-most-recent Insert Credit Show, a GameFAQs poll was briefly mentioned, about "what's the longest break you've taken from playing games"?

Well, what about everyone here? I really have no idea what to expect!

Around the holidays is when I feel compelled to play more games. Probably for nostalgic reasons but we‘re also obviously in a weird cultural moment where losing yourself in video games kinda feels like the most appropriate course of action for the time being. I’ve personally sunk something like 70+ hours into FFXIV in the last month. Something about the easy gameplay loop of an MMO feels cathartic, or maybe it's the safest way we can all dive headfirst into oblivion and keep our sanity.

Fits and starts. In between teaching and working on my comics. Sick days when I have no motivation to do anything else. I don't I could disconnect from games related media as that is such a font of ideas and considerations for me / also a major comfort food. But I could never imagine playing more a handful of hours a week. Even now having jsut finished all the major work for my book, its like, I guess I could play games everyday? It would probably be different if there were anywhere to go these days.

The only time these days that I KNOW I‘ll play games each week is the </s>~1 hour that I listen to the Insert Credit Show (the only podcast that I like enough to consistently listen to) on Monday evenings. I can’t listen to people talking in English while working, or I get way too distracted – but I also can‘t keep totally still and just listen. (Which seems strange to me, since I have no problem keeping still and reading a book, even in total silence.) So I have this dedicated hour where I put the show on, and then I typically fire up MAME and play random arcade games I’ve never heard of from around that decade spanning 1985 - 1995.

A few times year I get excited enough about a game to actually beat it. Right now I'm playing Yakuza 0, since I beat Judgement earlier this year, and figured I should play at least one of these Yakuza games to have as a point of comparison. The next game I'll play is probably Disco Elysium, but that might not be for awhile. Typically it takes me a few months after finishing a game before starting another.

So~~~ I guess not that often! When I actually have a game I'm playing, then maybe three times a week. When I don't, then it's really just that MAME session on Mondays. Before this year, going a month without any games was not at all unusual. It has been nice to have a consistent entertainment hour though, lately. I like to think that this is the best way to maximize the use of my limited game playing time -- playing something weird, and maybe bad on Mondays, then something I know for certain I'll like (or at least have a lot to learn from) the other days.

This doesn't count playing dumb prototypes that I make and throw away. That takes up a lot of what probably would be my gaming time if I didn't make them. Most of them hardly count as games though.

That's a pretty cool way to listen to the show @saddleblasters!!

As for me, I probably play games every day. I've always got some phone game to distract me when I get too stressed from working (holedown or that konami picross game these days). If we're talking "sit down and play a video game," it's maybe once or twice per week, UNLESS I've got a yakuza or uncharted or tomb raider or similar popcorn-ish game going in which case it's every night or every other night til I'm done. sometimes I'll take long breaks but it's rarely intentional.

When I need to FORCE myself to relax I like to set myself up with a beverage and a snack and place a genesis or pc engine game that I've not really gotten into or haven't played in a long time. It works pretty well, although games of that era are often infuriating so that can be a bit unrelaxing at times (I was playing The Terminator a couple nights ago, just put a god darned continue option in there, jerks!! the cops in level 2 just destroy you (realistic I guess)).

but yeah that's how I get on with it.

Before I started my job I‘d usually do an hour or two a day with my Emulator Xbox, various consoles, or if it’s my PS4 it's usually only Gran Turismo. Now I find myself rolling off a job and being too tired to really put in the brainpower. For a time I was play a little Animal Crossing: Wild World on my chonky DS while waiting for builds to finish, but I fear that twitter and the web at large has shredded my ability to pay attention for long.

Unless, like Exodus said, I have a game with an ongoing campaign I'm working through. Then I can usually find the time for it.

And honestly that sucks, I could use the distraction. I am set to get a VR headset this week, so I hope I spend some time doing shit in VR and doing some more gaming

Games are a large part of me hanging out with my kids, so I probably don‘t go more than a couple days without playing something, even if it’s another round of 4-player Duck Game.

My wife and I play games together, too; so if we're actively working through something that tends to be a nightly activity.

And then, if I'm actively working through something individually (I'm working on Dark Souls 3 right now) it somehow becomes more than daily, as my obsessive desire to finish Dark Souls consumes all available time.

probably an hour per day, 4-6 hours per week. I only have time before work, and since I started biking rather than taking the train, I find myself playing games and drinking coffee during early morning hours I would have been jogging since my cardio is taken care of on the commute. I listen to the podcast while riding my bike through decaying urban industrial districts, which is nice.

And not to be overdramatic, but I have a already sometimes stressful job that has become more demanding due to covid, so I'm finding the early am games time gives me something to look forward to when waking up rather than another "day of dread". I stick to one game at a time until I'm done with it or it really bums me out, but that hasn't happened lately. The only change to this routine has been my time with insert credit's 2020 game of the year pathologic 2, when I set my alarm an hour earlier because I was so engrossed.

@yeso#10460 I like the idea of pre-dread onset early morning gaming. Might give that a try.

I play more than usual, my job is pretty reactionary and remote so I have a lot of time sitting around at my desk at home, both with my desktop and PS4 hooked up. I often have been having Persona 5 (or now Dragon Quest XI) on throughout the day and play it for 30 - 60 minutes when I can. Though this ruins my in game clock, I do end up being able to play a few hours a day pretty consistently. If only I were a bit better at writing reviews about things I would probably quite enjoy doing something like that.

Wishing you all the best with the work though, I understand how grind can get to anyone.

@exodus#10452 I've probably played holedown more than anything else this year. That game just eats time whether I want it to or not

I usually play around 5 to 8 hours in the weekend, but it depends on the game. Games like Hades or very short ones are pretty nice to indulge by little bits to unwind before and after study periods or writing periods, but I have to take my time and go slow in JRPGs and such and for that I prefer to use the weekends. When I play short games usually the playtime is around 4 to 8-9 hours per week, but since 2019 I feel I‘ve been lots of hours staring at screens and is hurting my eyes, so I’m trying to reach a balance.

@xhekros#10476 this is probably not news to you, or many here, but blue filtered glasses, even sans prescription, do seem to work at least a little bit. Got myself a pair about a year ago to replace my glasses and though subtle, the difference is enjoyable. Perhaps could be worth the investment if you are experiencing a fair amount of strain from the screens.

After about 4-5 years of sporadically playing 1-2 games a year, and usually forgetting that the game exists before I‘ve finished it, I have recently been experiencing a Game Rejuvenation probably thanks to the Insert Credit Show and this forum. Nowadays, I play for about an hour every morning right when I wake up. When I work outside of my house, I start around noon, and when I work inside of my house, I make my own hours, so I have a bit of leeway to play for as long or short a time as I like. Thankfully, I’m the kind of person who can't play a game for more than two hours in one sitting, so it interferes 0% with the accomplishing of my important activities.

I think the morning is the best time to play games! I'm not awake enough to do anything else when I wake up, but by the time I'm done gaming, and finished drinking my jasmine tea, I am ready for the day. It's also nice to have a set time to play games, because it's not something that I often actively think to do, even though I do enjoy them quite a bit. For the last few months, I've been making my way through Persona 4 again. Still considering what my next game will be after that. I think long games work best for this particular style of gaming.

None. I spend all my time talking about them.

Real talk: about every day. The older I get, the more I try to avoid certain things. I only play long form stuff that is super interesting to me. So I avoid Red Dead/Souls/Cyberpunk 2077/etc. I try to only play the fighting games I already know, or I become super obsessed and sit in training mode for half the day trying to break down a character. Score competitions do that to me as well. I'm participating in a Kung Fu (NES) competition that has me all fucked up, just breaking every little thing down about the game trying to find any advantage. I really should be using that time and effort on something more ... tangible?

I tend to play a game start to finish, sometime taking breaks between games.

but almost always, at 5am-6:30am

I have a wife, a 9yr old son, and an exempt full time job, so early morning is the only option for me - afternoon for my son, evenings for wife, night for sleeping.

but I play mostly single player, story oriented games: Outer Wilds, Dragon Quest XI, Death Stranding, FFVII Remake, have all been my 2020 morning buddies.

I usually play like 30-90 min on the days that I do game. Mostly during these sessions I can only play things like PUBG, REZ, Tetris or any other game I just don‘t have to think about while playing. When I get into a narrative or bigger game I will play it in bigger 3-4h sessions over a couple of days and won’t play anything else during these times.

I don't really count my bedtime Vita/Phone gaming as a part of this. Luckily my attention span is such that I can pretty NEVER play videogames for more than 4 hours before I need to get up and run around in circles.

@MichaelDMcGrath#10471 what‘s your black hole high score?

I thing I’ve gotten to 1,100 ONCE maybe, and usually die right before or around 1k (unless I die in the 300s or 500s) but one of my coworkers was like “yeah usually around 1,200” so I'm clearly a scrub

i go long stretches without playing any games. if i decide to delve into a game i try to give it at least one hour a day until i‘m done with it. i’d rather play something intensively for a while and then stop than have it become a routine. i start a lot of games just to check them out, with no intention of continuing.

Yeah, just like movies, I will always play the opening segment of a videogame. No matter what.