How often do you play video games?

@exodus#10489 This sounds about the same as me. Just got a new phone so don't know what my highest score was, but I usually hit a wall around 1000

Wow I play…way more than most here.

Kids have had a big effect on how and when I play games. I do at least an hour a night as just family time with my partner and two kids. Right now we're playing Snake Pass. It gets us through the period from the end of dinner to bedtime when we can no longer absorb the kids' energy. We were playing FF IX for a while but my 4 y/o was talking about how he likes to "watch stuff die" so we decided it was best to go back to only E-rated stuff.

I'm a stay at home parent so sometimes I get in an hour during the day with my son on top of that, while my youngest naps. It depends on the weather. And some nights I'll do another hour after bed with my partner. We've been working our way through the PSX Final Fantasy games this way.

On the weekends I play an hour with my son in the afternoon while my wife naps, then an hour before kids' bed and 1.5-2 hours after the kids go down.

I'm probably around three hours a day on average.

@tapevulture#10503 I've also got a couple of little kids, so I love the idea of playing with them, but my wife and I have chosen not to expose them to video games until they express an interest in playing for themselves. Even with a PS4 in plain sight, that has not happened yet! Just Dance is the exception, as that was a good source of exercise for my daughter until she lost interest in it lol.

My wife doesn't have any interest in games, but she also goes to bed earlier than I do, so I used to get about an hour in at night before retiring. That used to be nightly, whether I really wanted to or not. It was just routine. Nothing routine is fun, if routine is all it is! You've got to spice it up, one way or another.

@siebold_magnolia#10478 Thanks! I didn‘t know about the glasses and I’m checking out.

I play probably an hour or two a day. I have young children who dabble a bit in video games, but we limit their screentime as much as we can. We‘ve been in and out of lockdown recently (currently in) and my seven year old has started playing a bit of animal crossing. She’s amazingly adept at it, having previously only ever played crossy road on an 8 year old iPad.

My wife and I both play games and we often unwind at night by playing "together" after the kids go to bed. We have a PS4 and a Switch and generally swap back and forth as we each finish games on one or the other system. For instance, right now she's playing through Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order (my secret goal of grooming her to finally play Dark Souls is nearly complete!) and I'm trying to catch up on great indies on the Switch. I am playing through Undertale right now, as usual nearly a decade behind the curve, and man - that's a good game. The music...dang.

I play nearly everyday - anywhere from 30 min to a few hours depending on what I have going on. I tend to jump around between bigger story-driven games and more bite-sized arcade style fare. The past few weeks I've been jumping between Tekken Tag and the first God of War on PS2, a new play through of Super Metroid, Red Dead Online with a friend and Outer Worlds on PS4.

I‘m currently in one of my intense gaming moods thanks to Dragon Quest XI completely hooking me (this usually happens when I play a DQ game). I play about 1 hour a day on days when I have to work and then maybe 4-5 hours on my days off. Work eats up most of my time and my daily routine dictates that I spend a chunk of my morning watching anime and a chunk of my night talking to my girlfriend on the phone. Games are fun, but are never a priority for me.

During the pandemic I’ve been playing console games way more than usual, probably averaging around 30-45 minutes a day.

Before the pandemic, I did most of my gaming in the arcades, spending probably about 6 hours a week there playing DDR, IIDX, and occasionally other things like Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune or pinball. Then I'd maybe spend 1 hour a week playing on consoles/handhelds.

Almost every evening. Age of Calamity really helped as my partner and I tore thru that in co-op, but we also went thru the whole Yakuza series starting with 0 when quarantine started and also recently finished Like a Dragon.

Before quarantine it was still a lot. Probably 0-3 hours a night. Weekends would depend. I definitely used to play more mobile games before quarantine as I'd be traveling, between meetings, etc. Weekends would depend on if I was into something at that time. I typically marathon something when I'm into it and play nonstop any time I'm not working. So if I get something that's a 20-30 hour game I'll juice it over the course of a weekend.

this hasn't changed since high school really. Back then I used to MMO hop and I still, because of shame, remember my playtime when I last logged off of Asheron's Call when I was just entering college and it was 6months 22 days 23 hours and 11 minutes. So when I go into something I really kinda play anytime I've got recreational time.

@whatsarobot#10504 @CidNight#10507 We try to limit screen time as much as we can but we‘ve pretty much given in with coronavirus. Used to be an hour a day, now it’s two. For a long time playgrounds were closed in Seattle and as the stay at home parent I was just running out of stuff to do with them. My son used to be in preschool in the mornings, but we pulled him out after the virus broke out, and now I've got just a lot more time to fill lol.

I'm really conflicted about screen time and it's probably in my top 3 list of parenting things I worry over. There are studies saying that kids who get more than an hour a day perform worse in school. Then our doctor says don't sweat it because this is an extraordinary time, etc., and I do think it's natural for my 4 y/o to be drawn to games since both his mother and I play them. I don't know. Where I ended up is: Since it's often a big fight just to get him outside in the first place, and we have plenty of other things to fight over, like eating vegetables, not harassing his sister, whatever, if I can put an hour toward doing something where we're both just chilling and enjoying each other's company, that's a good thing.

One of the many parenting challenges for which there's no obvious solution haha

@tapevulture#10543 I feel this in my very soul

My post is probably a big circa 1995 AOL “Me 2!”, especially for all the concerns that you other parents have.

I generally get to do something for about an hour or so in the evenings after kid bedtime and chores and stuff that is "my hobby time". I generally choose to spend it on a video game or painting minis for table-top games I play (Infinity and Guild Ball). But with the pandemic and in-person table-top gaming being put on pause (and Guild Ball being discontinued partially because of the pandemic) until we stop collectively killing ourselves, I have been playing video games a bit more.

Oh, I have a weekly standing _Heroes of the Storm_ (Blizzard's MOBA) group that has been playing on Sunday nights for like, 4-5 years. That's been a very fun way to stay connected to people who live in different cities regardless of whether or not your are in a pandemic.

I'm gonna chime back in and say its all so hard to gauge this year. I finished my book on Sunday and other than work I have fallen into a deep video game hole. I already am getting feeling like a couch potato, but like, I am acutely aware of the fact that there is no where to go. I used to just from one neighborhood to another to get pastries and now its like… I feel like a kid in rural Maryland again, just watching tv because there is no place to go. At least I can play Nioh for 8 hours straight and not fall into the morass of doom scrolling.

i feel like, in general, my game playing varies pretty wildly. there are months where it feels like i haven‘t played anything at all, but then there are times where i play something at least once a day for an hour or two. i don’t find playing games to be “relaxing,” so it‘s something i need to have energy for, weirdly. especially if we’re talking about something competitive or skill based. if i‘m super into a title, i’ll usually binge my way through it, though (Death Stranding, for example, i beat within about 5 days).

but on average, i think i play something every day, at least a little. maybe a few levels of Super Mario Bros. on the Game & Watch, or a short game of Puzzle Bobble 2 or Ninja Saviors on Switch, etc.


@robinhoodie#10608 At least I can play Nioh for 8 hours straight and not fall into the morass of doom scrolling.

I have struggled with this too. I came to the conclusion that having some downtime with a game, it is probably a healthier choice psychologically and emotionally compared to reading tragic news to which you are unable to influence as an individual.