Human Entertainment thread

I just saw that Mizzurna Falls has an English patch so I thought maybe it would be cool to talk a bit about Human Entertainment a bit?

I often see their name associated with very interesting stuff. However, I never took the time to do some research on them. I could head to Wikipedia but oh well this here is way more fun.

So, what are your favorite Human games? Which ones do you recommend the most? Which are the weirdest? Do you have any cool stories related to some of those games? I'd just like to read you guys talking about anything related to them :D

Human sure did some weird stuff.

[Monster Party]( is probably the first of their games I played. It's odd, but not good.

[The Firemen]( is excellent! More people should rip it off. [The sequel]( is more of the same, but with voice acting! Shame it's never had an English translation.

I've never played it, but [Human Sports Festival ]( an excellent game name, especially if you didn't know that was the name of the company.

[SOS (aka Septentrion)]( is another interesting concept. Was a really good [Game Center CX episode]( One of the few that made it to the [English language DVD release](

Don't know about the quality but Wrestling Universe PCECD has pretty bad ass intro.

one of the rare times the US box art is better!



this is an important discovery

I finished The Firemen (1994) last night with the NTSC patch. That is a really interesting action-adventure that I'd never heard of before this week.

All the "enemies" are types of fire (does that make them a [type of guy]( or malfunctioning robot that has caught on fire. All your attacks are video gameified versions of what I think might be real life [firefighting techniques]( where spraying water directly acts as your ranged attack, spraying at the floor is like your melee. There is some kind of like ABC dry chemical bomb you can pickup and use as an AOE. The game's quite short and yes it's easy, except the bosses (well I thought they were challenging). The setting is very obviously Die Hard with a different premise. What dangerous chemical company keeps their products and white collar workers under the same roof?

My favourite part had to be the surprisingly sophisticated dialogue. There's party banter throughout between the player characters Pete and NPC sidekick Danny with their support crew. I particularly enjoyed Pete's childishly dressing down the building's architect about his design choices. Lots of fun to see that in an SNES game.


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[size=11]oh yeah well you were an average game so there[/size]

@“Syzygy”#p95223 this is [color=red]hot news[/color]. Oh my god, and it's called Pete & Danny, too. Thank you!!

@“Syzygy”#p95223 this was how I learned of the series back when MonkeyPaw released it on PSN for PS3!

@“coffeentacos”#p95259 me too! i was going to link to a review i wrote for it a million years ago, but… the site‘s account has been suspended!? i didn’t even know that was a thing that could happen.

I keep thinking about buying the firemen 2 but goofily feel weird about not having bought the first. it's in a local shop here, and I keeeeep thinking about it!

@“exodus”#p95376 I‘ve only played the 2nd one a bit, but it’s very similar to the first, except it has voice acting!

@“hellomrkearns”#p95440 Well the arguably bigger difference is that the sequel features 2P co-op but, unfortunately, the stage design is way less interesting than the original game. As a solo experience, the original The Firemen is probably a better game overall.

every fire station should have a super nintendo in the corner with the firemen