"Hunting down the people who legally changed their names to Turok"

I was thinking about this campaign only a few weeks ago, so huge coincidence that this article appeared on my feed this morning. Pretty funny and interesting!



It really makes me wonder how many other big stupid marketing gimmicks are total hoaxes that no one bothers to uncover.


they should've done this with Knack as a PS4 launch strategy

Hmm, I always remembered this as someone had to name their child Turok. Could I be thinking of a different campaign?

I remembered it as naming their child as well! Maybe that was turok 2?? Anyway this was a fun read regardless… Did anyone put a shadowman ad on their tombstone? I think the answer to that one was no

@Jtwo#2448 glad I‘m not the only one! Also didn’t remember it was a UK only thing. I even looked up the birth names by year on the SSA website. Sadly no Turok babies as far back as I looked. Lots of Sephiroths each year since 2004. Have a look yourself!


i was thinking about how we in britain pronounce “turok”. it‘s not something i’ve heard vocalised an awful lot over the years. i think an argument could be made for “chew-rock” but i've always said “terr-ock”.

Turok himself says it in the game! and he says “I - am too-rock!” - I always say “terr-ock” myself anyway.

yeah! i was thinking more on the way the online chiptune community sometimes remembers that we in britain say “chip chewn”, and then i saw the thread on brits [not] changing their names to turok and how funny it would be to be called “chew-rock”

tell you what, I love to talk to talk to a british person about “pizzer.”

they‘re like what’s that, and I‘m like that’s what you call pizza

they say no we don't

I prompt them to say “pizza and a pint”

anyway I've just started calling it pizzer.