Hylics 2

I've been excited for this for almost two years, Hylics 2 is finally out!



Looks absolutely gorgeous and the first one was a tonne of fun. Mason Lindroth is a really clever dude, I'm really keen to see what he's iterated on and what he's changed.

There's a great run of the original from SGDQ last year:


Obviously a big part of the appeal is the way the game looks and sounds. It reminds me of a lot of some of the more surreal kids TV I saw in the mid to late 90s, specifically Plasmo, which is a must-watch even now:


yeah, I‘ve been really curious about it - I do wonder if there’ll ever be a console version, because I‘m living in the dark ages, but maybe I should just take the plunge here. Really one of the best looking games I’ve ever seen. If this had come out on the PS2 it would‘ve blown people’s minds forever.

As someone also historically very resistant to PC (or in my case, MacBook) gaming, I totally understand your trepidation. I do reckon this one may be worth it, after just an hour with it.

I'm gonna do it!!!