I dream of games

Last night I had a dream.

In it I had a Playdia. The dream must have trawled pretty deep through my memories for that pick.

I had to google Playdia to realize it was a real thing.

In the dream I had a game for the Playdia called Strikeout. It was a sprite based 3rd person game similar to Virtuoso. Unlike Virtuoso there were no digitized actors. It was all drawn sprites. It had an interesting looking pseudo-3d to it. It could do round hills. There was never a ceiling. The player character was a guy with a baseball bat who fought against mummies, skeletons, and elementals. Lava elementals seemed especially common.

Have video-games ever featured in your dreams?

hmm, I'm into it, kind of sounds like GI Joe the arcade game, which I was just talking about in work chat!


you'll probably want to watch this faster or cut around, but you approach the factory, fight a boss, the doors open, then you go into a vertically scrolling elevator sequence. scaled to heck!

Anyway, I have game dreams for sure, but most of mine are finding some obscure game console nobody knows about, or a bunch of games I don't have, or whatever else. Then during the dream I'm like dang, too bad I can't take these back to the real world with me. It's pretty annoying that most of my game dreams are about collecting, but one lives with one's own neurosis!

This is the officially designated Dream Cast Zone, yes?

The Zone for Casting our Dreams?

Video Games.


Last night I dreamt my dad got me an unexpected video game present (how i miss those childhood days :') ), apparently with some help from my brother: my brother said I wanted "Tetris DS," which is of course a real video game, but the thing my dad ended up getting me was called something like "Tetris: Spyro's Dragon SpiraL," and the capital L there was one of those tetronimoes.

I have never owned a Spyro game in my life, but I don't think any of them are like this. Gameplay was divided into two main segments. (1) Walking around a 2D sidescroller world talking to other anthropomorphic animals, with sprite-based graphics and text boxes and character portraits showing different facial expressions. It wasn't a bad looking game, I'll say that. Also you could do a pretty good jump and had some mid-air abilities, but the game wasn't really a platformer or Metroid-like or anything.

(2) Engaging in Tetris battles with the people you meet and earning points to like... level up... your Tetris-powers or something. I've never played any version of Tetris involving stat- or power-driven player progression, so I don't really know what this would be like, but it sounds like it breaks the spirit of Tetris.

In the end it was upsetting to me not because I didn't get Tetris DS (which even in the dream I knew could be got cheaply (or otherwise)), but because I couldn't hide on my face that this Spyro game was bad stuff, and my dad saw my expression and was disappointed in himself for getting me the game.

brb gonna go call my dad :)

Two come to mind:

  • 1. This one I had last night. I was at a night club or party scene being held in…I'm not sure how to describe it. It was a rectangular building, with a second floor terrace looking down on a courtyard. Anyway, everybody at the party (I remember it being pretty big) was jamming to the Shadowlord theme from Nier - not a remix from one of the albums that would make sense in a party context, but just the final boss theme from the vanilla game. I was on the second floor, and I thought about hitting on some girl I saw there, but decided against it.
  • 2. This one's more interesting, and it happened a while ago. There was a ROM list of some kind, and I picked a game simply titled _V_. I don't exactly remember what system it was for; it was either the GBA or DS. On the one hand, the game looked like kind of like _Charlie and the Chocolate Factory_, but with green-grass-blue-skies field backgrounds that were reminiscent of the _My Little Pony_ games for the same platform. On the other hand, I distinctly remember two screens: the gameplay, which looked like I just described, and a status screen with the sort of embossed look the _New Super Mario Bros_ status screen had. There were three characters on that screen: Shinji Ikari, Shinji Ikari but green tinted, and Asuka Langley Soryu. (The art was taken from generic promotional/concept art.) Also, I think the main character's name was supposed to be Pinocchio but it got mistranslated as Pocket Slut.
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    that god darned guy!!!

    in another game dream I found a handheld game system I'd never heard of. It could only display four colors, but the screen was metallic, like the "brushed steel" look that was popular in the 90s, but like a rough matte surface with a glossy (varnish-like) finish over it. The unique texture of the screen made the rust reds and forest greens of the games really stand out, and it was super neat, and I woke up convinced this was a good idea. It was shaped vaguely like a wonderswan.

    Funny to find this thread because exactly last night I dreamt yoko taro wrote me on DM on Twitter complaining about Square Enix and talking about obscure games like “yo, look at this dank shit, its amazing”. I woke up in a good mood because of it.

    look I'm just jealous because I never have dreams, so if anyone has any tips about how to get my brain working right to have some, maybe for example featuring bayonetta or jeanne from suikoden, or maybe more specifically the boat lady who carries the rope around from suikoden 5, just LMK thanks

    When I used to play a lot of StarCraft, I would have dreams where I was playing hours-long matches. In each dream, there‘d be something wrong: maybe a new mechanic had been added that i didn’t understand, or my keyboard was under my desk, or my mouse was inverted or something like that. So I'd be struggling the whole time, just trying so hard, and then the other person would just walk over and completely destroy me, and I would wake up in a terrible mood.

    i don't have these as much anymore, but I have found that I can not play games in dreams, because technology does not work. Be it a computer, or a phone, or TV, whenever i am dreaming they do not operate correctly. Especially my phone, when i am trying to call someone very urgently!! Dang dreams!!

    It works fine when someone wants to call me and tell me they hate me, though! Dang dreams!!

    yeah, that‘s a classic one. if I played a puzzle game for too long (makes sense with an RTS too, where your brain is really focused on the one task), I’d be playing puzzle fighter in my dreams but couldn't put the pieces where I wanted them, etc. the brain is a jerk!

    When I first saw news of Demon‘s Souls, I didn’t think much of it. “I have Skyrim for my fantasy hacky-slashy time.” I said to myself. I guess something about the gloomy castles and the sound and weight of everything armor/weapon related in Demon's Souls got to me, as eventually I had a dream about playing it. It felt really satisfying hearing the armor clank around as I explored these environments oozing with atmosphere. Going back to Skyrim felt pretty shallow after that dream.

    Later, a friend who got Demon's Souls wasn't too thrilled about the difficulty, but did love the weight of everything and sold it to me for cheaper than retail price despite having it for only about a week. Playing it felt just like how it felt in the dream, and everything "clicked" for me.


    An earlier dream involved Mario 64 and a special hidden area around the castle mote on the right side past the door that leads into the basement. When the mote was still undrained, I discovered another underwater passage that lead me into a new room inhabited by a giant green ghost and a new ghost world.

    The way you got to it wasn't like the other holes in the ground you'd jump into, instead it felt a lot (and began to look a little) like the rusty pipes area in Banjo & Kazooie before you meet Clank. You'd continue swimming through a small tunnel until you reached a room "inside" the castle. It had gray brick walls, a large dining table and chair with the rusty door texture, the large green ghost at the table, and a new painting.

    At the time I was obsessed with and loved the mysterious feeling of looking around all the nooks and crannies of the hub worlds in Mario 64 and Banjo & Kazooie. This was specifically brought on by spots that felt more off-kilter, like the court yard that lead to the ghost house, the door into the metallic pool area, or the mirror room in Mario 64, and especially the first time encountering Clank in Banjo & Kazooie. Something about those specific moments in those hub worlds made me feel like anything could happen next. Maybe I might find something years down the road that I never noticed in my earlier days of playing it.

    Yesterday I dreamt I went to have coffee with Hideo Kojima (don't know why I keep having these dreams with famous developers). He was very hipster and kept talking about recent films he liked and what he enjoyed the most from when he visited Madrid, but I had a very hard time paying attention to him because he kept asking for huge slices of blueberry cheesecake and I could only think Hideo please stop you are going to get diabetes if you keep up at this pace, you need to take care of your health!

    Last night I dreamt I was in Silent Hill 2, which I have never played and from which I have never seen any content. I rarely remember my dreams, and it was the scariest and most vivid dream I can ever remember having. Basically I moved through industrial environments colored in shades of brown, grey and yellow, having perfunctory-type interactions with people that slowly devolved into horror. I remember two in particular: being chased in a circle by an initially normally proportioned person who become a large head with small limbs, and whose face was showing a scream like the guy at the end of Space Odyssey, but stretched, as if the face had been drawn onto a balloon and someone squeezed the balloon; and fleeing into a bathroom from members of my extended family whom I rarely see, who had begun leering at me. I locked the door and sat on the tank of the toilet, against the wall, but looking to my left I could see an open closet too dark to see if anything was inside, and then I was suddenly aware that there was no longer a wall behind me, at which point I woke up.

    I don't know if this remotely resembles anything in Silent Hill 2 and there were no game mechanics that I interfaced with; I only knew that I was in Silent Hill 2. I never play horror games. I've only heard people talk about SH2 but such is its reputation that I got a whole nightmare from it, haha

    I‘ve had that same experience where I dream that I’m experiencing a video game I‘ve heard of but never played!! The whole time I’ll be like “wow so this is why this game is so popular huh!” It‘s usually the kind of thing where throughout the dream it will feel like there’s a deep profound artistic message involved in what‘s going on that, when I wake up, will only exist as an abstract thought. Then I’ll think, “damn! it would be cool if someone actually made a game like that!” Upon reflection, it is always a case like yours where what I was experiencing is not in any way like a video game.

    Today I dreamt of videogames again.

    I was talking with my editor on the website I collaborate the most these days. He's a friend and we talk often out of the context of professional stuff, and sometimes he shares insider stuff he's not supposed to talk about with me.

    In the dream he told me they were working on a huge marketing campaign involving the whole website, which was going to be fully redesigned by some mysterious company on a strange and hazy collaboration that felt very inconsistent and weird, even in the dream. Then he showed me this picture:

    _(not the actual picture, I recreated it using paint)_

    He said: "do you recognize this logo? They are doing it"

    I immediately caught that it was the Treasure logo and I felt super skeptic of the whole thing because it made absolutely no sense. I remember thinking how the hell are you going to make Treasure redesign the website of a spanish magazine for a marketing campaign of exactly what????? The whole thing felt delusional, like this weird conspiracy theory geared towards creating the Treasure's comeback or some weird ARG that I didn't understand.

    I felt like when someone you respect or admire says something out of character and creates this uncomfortable sensation of feeling forced to play along or make some half assed excuse to leave or change the subject. I said something like hey that's cool, hope it goes well and that's the last thing I remember.


    There was a CLOSET in a BATHROOM?

    @Moon#10523 yeah dude just to my left. deeply fucked up

    The dream that most stands out in my head was one where I was in an old fashioned sort of mom & pop general store. They had spinner racks that normally hold comic books, but instead there were tons of 32X games marked down to $0.50 each. They even had Virtua Hamster!

    I think that was the lamest wish-fulfillment dream I ever had...

    I found out about this guy on twitter a year ago and have kind of been keeping track of him because hes facinating. The branding and “dreaming for gamers” is a little off putting. Comes off kind of juvenile.



    He runs a 400 person subreddit and writes a bunch of guides about how to dream in videogames.


    Seems like a weird grift. Maybe it's a money laundering operation.


    OMG I love it. When I was like 17 I got really into lucid dreaming, and some of the tips I read about actually kinda worked. I never paid for an educational program though.

    I think I remember a few of the tips. One was in your concious life to remind yourself every couple of minutes to stop and take stock of whats occuring around you (also helpful for general mindfulness) but the theory was that eventually this would become a subconcious habit that you would perform while dreaming... and realize you were dreaming.

    I also remember "if you were losing the dream" a method was to try and spin around in circles. Generally walking and physical activity will give you dream dissonance since your muscles aren't moving. But spinnin in circles is a relatively stationary activitiy. Which also leads into one of the last things I still experience to this day. In dreams I "slide around" as if I'm sliding on a fresh hardwood floor in socks. I don't use my legs to walk I just kinda skate around.

    Weird shit for sure. I think as a child with asthma a lot of the steroid filled inhalers I was given would send me on insane psychedelic meditiation-esque experiences.

    I dream of games most nights, but its literally only PUBG. I just... dream about PUBG and the terrain and moving around and stuff. Not even necessarily like exciting shootouts.. I've just spent so much time playing that game that its just another reality for me.