I feel like I'm just at the cusp of becoming a giant Druaga fan

Each time I see the charming classic Druaga and Quest of Ki official art, I keep thinking one day I‘ll do a deep dive and play every game in the franchise and become the biggest Druaga fan, but there’s always something pulling me back.

(i can't upload images for some reason but rest assured i had a bunch ready)

There's something super charming to me about the universe and Namco's appreciation for it and even how they tried to reboot and revitalize the franchise in the PS2 era with a Mysterious Dungeon spinoff and anime, both of which I know nothing about but they look good?

Something something namco x capcom

There's the Druaga homage minigame in Mr Driller Drill Land:

Ki and Gilgamesh showed up in some Pac Man mobage too where they got nice redesigns?? https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/towerofdruaga/images/c/c2/Pac-Man_Monsters_-_Ki.png/revision/latest?cb=20190220200328

Also a Twitter mutual is developing a fan classic Namco fighter that stars Gil and Ki with great signature moves. I need to find the link to share here later.

Convince me in this thread to become a big Drauga super fan. Maybe it'll become my classic franchise of the year, like how Columns was the 2019 game of the year for me.

I‘ve been wanting to do something Druaga for a while, too. It’s the missing link between Pac-Man and Dark Souls! (Explaining what the hell that means is the thing I want to do with Druaga, by the way.)

@Syzygy#3052 OMG… I love fork


You've seen the Druaga-themed dungeon in Baten Kaitos, right? (Things get started at about 2:30 in that video).

I could never get into it! I tried a bunch of times. I should… try again? I've got that PC Engine version still I think. And I might have the PS2 or PSP one or whatever? just seems like a real obtuse game. I think maybe @Personasama you should be the one to get into it and then tell the rest of us why we should play it!!

@gyozaleaf#3068 I love this??? But man is that Baten Kaitos battle system slow.

I've never played Baten Kaitos; is it a card based JPRG? I remember back in the old ic days, people would often share their love for it.

Also I keep wanting to call it "Baiten Katos" but I don't know why.

@exodus#3086 Brandon, I also don‘t like the gameplay of Druaga or Dragon Buster or Pac Land or a lot of Namco Classics, but I’ll be damned if they haven't charmed me with their music, art, and presentation.

I would love to see a modern day re-interpretation of Druaga with visuals that can capture the original look of the production art:

Hmm, I nominate you to make this as well :D

Baten Kaitos is indeed a JRPG with a card-based battle system (good), a zany PS2-era plot (the main character speaks directly to the player, who he views as a spirit), a cracking Motoi Sakuraba soundtrack, and art direction by Yasuyuki Honne (Chrono Cross, Xenosaga, etc.) with lush prerendred backgrounds. It‘s a little weird artifact of the era and I’m curious how I'd feel about it nowadays.


@Personasama#3050 There’s the Druaga homage minigame in Mr Driller Drill Land:

This excellent video really sold me on that Druaga mode (and Mr. Driller DrillLand in general):


I love Druaga in many ways, from the arcade game, to the PC Engine version… then yes, Nightmare of Druaga which I have been working on for the past 15 years now. I keep telling myself that I‘ll finally focus and finish it. It’s probably one of the tougher Mystery Dungeon games I've played.

What keeps you going with it, and how do you get into the groove? I‘ve kind of bounced off it because I keep feeling like I’m missing something, and maybe there‘s some sort of reframing I can do like “think of it as slow-motion realtime” or whatever that’d get me into it.

@exodus#3895 The US version of the game was sadly not translated in its entirety, so things like the hints for each dungeon to find the hidden chests were omitted. Otherwise, I found that the weapon enhancement and planning out my next move was what really got me into the groove.

I have not played Nightmare of Druaga but I had a rollicking good time with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon on the Switch a few months back. That game is obviously a bit different, because you have a party, but I thought of it as “arcade tactics” (as in an action/arcade tactics RPG) and I think that framing was helpful. I recommend that game as an entry point for Fushigi no Dungeon, having now completed and thoroughly enjoyed it! It‘s motivated me to want to give the Shiren game a try when it hits Switch, which I was previously probably going to shy away from due to the series’ rep of being tough as nails.

Thanks, I'll give it a look!

I bounced of shiren, but I loooove cave noir, so… who knows!