I got vaccinated and now I’m a Goomba from the Super Mario Bros. Movie

I got the j&j yesterday. Post when you get the jab. So far the Bill gates nanomachines have been making me better at gaming, but only on Microsoft products.

I got my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on Tuesday.

Started growing another head, but he seems to be a Sega fan, so it's cool.

Still waiting for my dose of FOXDIE

unable to get the vaccine due to being very busy gaming

Not until July, for anyone 59 years of age or younger, apparently.


I got my 2 doses of Moderna back in Dec/Jan through the hospital I work at…no major ill effects to report, just a bit sore right where it was administered, similar to the flu shot.

I’m supposed to be eligible April 12th. Don’t know which one I’ll be up for.

I‘m getting my first jab in 10 days, not sure which vaccine but I was told it’d be 4 weeks between my first and second, so it could be a few of them I guess. Got to use my indigenous privilege to get access to one, as currently here, besides healthcare workers and anyone else who are being prioritized for work, it's only available to people over 85 and indigenous adults over 16.

Everything tastes like Nintendo switch cartridges help

I got my shots (pfizer) back in december/jan (work). Was among the first few thousand people I think to get the vax, and people were a little nervous about getting an mRNA shot. We all had to sit in the hospital lobby which was converted to a vaccination site, and wait for 30 min to monitor reactions. They wheeled in a TV and Mr Bean was on, so I sat and watched Mr Bean while a few people hyperventilated around me. A witness to history……

Glad to see people here getting vaccinated! Anecdotally that 2nd pfizer dose can wipe you out so be ready for that

I am what the Scottish and British governments have been propagandically referring to as a “key worker” for the last year, and I care for someone with a serious medical condition. I have not yet been invited for my vaccination.

yeah it's been as expected with regard to who gets the shot (well-resourced and connected people and organizations in the USA and Europe). My hospital was one of those with an “algorithm problem” which resulted in administrators being scheduled for the vax alongside patient-touchers who get blasted with covid spittle all day

fucked up!

@yeso#21659 Not sure if this is the one that affected you, but I recall being mortified by Stanford's “algorithm problem” that screwed over basically all of the docs in training…shameful…

@billy#21657 I was bummed because I was supposed to be able to get vaccinated basically now but my state changed the parameters and now I‘m no longer considered an ’educator.‘ They also switched to straight age bands for distribution, which seems to speed the whole process up. I’m okay with it in the end because I‘m pretty low risk due to my age and health and I’m incredibly privileged in that I can do well over half my job remotely so my interactions can be kept quite low. Obviously I‘m eager to get stuck and start getting my damned life back - but the way that the vax was distributed is going to be fodder for social scientists for a decade and I’m betting in the end there will be a whole lot of familiar patterns.

there's been a real disconnect b/t who is officially eligible and who can actually get an appointment in reality. At least in IL

My bike route into work takes me past the basketball stadium where a mass vax site is coming together, and it’s good to see the lines of cars and shuttle buses coming through, and nice to see the hospital lobby full of old folks coming through for their shots. So we're slowly getting there. Now to ruin the positive vibes and check how things are going in the global south....

@kory#21667 not my employer, but same kind of "regrettable error"

I work for a company that is likely responsible (at least in part) for a portion of the weirdness in who gets vaccines when…

I mean, I just started here this month, so I'm still not allowed to touch anything and have zero clue how anything works. But I guess now you where the nonsense originates from: people like me.

(Though, being serious, the reason I decided to work here was to have some small part in helping responses to public health emergencies go slightly more smoothly. Obviously lots of things have been going wrong on lots of levels for a very long time.)

I work for a brewery and the entire company is categorized as food service. I'm technically eligible to get an appointment, but have been morally abstaining since I get to work from home right now. I dunno just feels kinda selfish to get it.

Anyway, mainly wanted to post this: