I got vaccinated and now I’m a Goomba from the Super Mario Bros. Movie

don’t feel bad get the shot


They might still feel _bad_ after getting the shot, too

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Got my first jab yesterday, the Moderna.

Somewhat disappointed to find out that I live in the only country in the world that is going to try to space out the second dose of the vaccine to 4 months, the reasoning of which is, possibly scientifically sound but also I feel is just being done so that some assholes in government can make infographics that says the number is go up. Feels great to be in a population sized medical experiment against my will! I found out that this was suddenly the national strategy a few days after I booked my first shot. At least Canada has never conducted medical experiments on indigenous people against their will before (who were prioritized for the vaccine in a slick PR move), otherwise this would have extremely bad optics

So oh well. The organization that administered my vaccine are advocating for the people they've vaccinated to get it sooner but we'll see

I got the Ox/AZ one about six weeks ago and it wiped me out for a couple of days. So far all it seems to have done otherwise is reignite an obsession in Slay the Spire.

I got the approval email from the state of WA after filling it out truthfully, put myself on a waitlist, and then got a text saying I can schedule one, which I just did. Feels weird.

I got my second dose of Pfizer yesterday. I know most folks say the second shot is worse but I think I felt about equally lousy after both shots. I preemptively took the day off work (I have an abundance of sick time stored up) and took it easy all day, feeling achy and tired and my arm really hurt. But now that ~30 hours have passed since the shot, I'm feeling pretty alright with just a bit of soreness in the arm where I got the shot. All in all, not such a big deal!

I'm glad to be done with getting shots for the foreseeable future and can start going back into the world by mid-April! Playing DDR used to be my only real exercise and I'm looking forward to getting back into that and I'll have to make some routine appointments for the dentist and eye doctor before long.

I'm a little afraid that I've totally destroyed my stamina for going out and about on adventures and seeing friends after work and things, but I'm sure I'll figure that sort of thing out with time!

i got the first dose, gonna be hitting up pink gorilla more or less immediately once i get the all clear

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alright yall,

just reporting in that I've scheduled my first dose of FOXDIE this Friday. I'll let everyone know if my head starts to shrink OR if I start to feel some symptoms of illness.

@SuperEffective#25114 They kept you waiting, huh?

Good luck!

Got my second moderna shot on march 3rd, (I work in a long-term disability care job) so I‘m a month out and my giant shoulder eyeball doesn’t even hurt!

Mom gets hers tomorow, mine might be a while.

Pfizer for her.


thanks! Not so much. Since I'm lucky to work from home I just waited a bit to sign up and give the spot to those who might need it more than I do.

@SuperEffective#25164 Lol, sorry I was trying to make a lame Kojima/MGS joke just to keep up with everyone


I'm embarrassed that I missed this :joy::joy:

Yeah so 25 days later I can say I've basically devolved fully. trust the fungus.

I got J&J on Sunday after waiting outside of a mosque in Oakland for 6 hours

wow I felt bad the next day! made me think of this moment from the first Life Is Strange:


I love it tho alter my dna baybeeeeee

84 Year old mom got her shot, asked with her eyes closed when they would finally jab her and was informed it had already happened.

She then proceeded to claim everyone out there was out to get her by claiming she got a shot when she never did.

It took my oldest sibling the full 30 minutes she was forced to stay there after the shot to convince her that the bandage on her arm was not a placebo and was really the place she got her shot.