I made my first game...and then I made it the Insert Credit of video games

Some day I'll be the Daigo Umehara of Rain Jerks

Edit: I can feel the dream coming to life

This was cute! Very satisfying when getting up to higher levels and getting those cascading combos. Easy to understand quickly, adding more T's to the end of Hot to the point of it falling off screen and getting bigger in the background is a nice touch!

jaffe meta

@“Mnemogenic”#p137845 lord

This is fun! The big bright combo characters that take up the screen end up blocking my view, making long combos way harder. I can‘t tell if it’s blocking stuff or just visually overwhelming and I have a hard time parsing it.

oh my stars and stripes mnemogenic

This game is sooo funnnn korrryyy!! Bravo!


It runs well on Vita in the beginning but chokes when combos get HHOOTTTTTT. It's kinda like Nintendo hit pause so actually pretty cool and feels dramatic. Makes things easier also heh.

@“KennyL”#p137884 I didn‘t know there was a pico-8 emulator on vita! That’s neat.

this answers my question about where the watered Jaffe thing came from

(not going to submit any more scores until/unless i have the high score)

@“RubySunrise”#p137855 Thanks for the feedback, Ruby! Yeah, I was worried about that effect being a bit overwhelming. I uploaded a modified .exe on https://kbones.itch.io/jerks (the last file on the download list) if you want to try it with those flashing effects removed.

@“KennyL”#p137884 WOW! I had no idea there was a pico player for the vita…I guess I'm officially a vita dev now B)

re: the hit pause--that's actually by design! DJ Tent Mode actually suggested adding it. I was skeptical at first, not because it was a bad suggestion, but mostly because it seemed like a daunting feature to add. In general I tried to figure things out for myself when possible, so I pondered how to implement it for a while.

What I ended up doing was performing a state switch and setting a timer whenever a combo hit occurs, where the game's draw and update routines switch from the "gameplay" routine to a "hit pause" routine that doesn't do anything except count down a certain number of frames and then switch right back to the "gameplay" state. I initially set it to 5 frames (at 30fps), which felt nice and crunchy, but became a bit excessive during huge combos. I dropped it down to 4 and that seemed like the sweet spot.

I later discovered that there are more esoteric ways of achieving this effect using control codes that I still don't understand at all. (see https://pico-8.fandom.com/wiki/P8SCII_Control_Codes ) Either way, I'm pretty satisfied with my solution :)

@“captain”#p137894 haha, yeah the Jaffe thing is now an inside joke (?) thrice removed. When I first showed off the character selection feature I received an emphatic request from a member of the Topic Lords discord server to feature an orange cat named “Jorts” as well as this particular string of text. I later discovered that Jorts is in fact a cat with some repute, but I couldn‘t tell you much else. I will say that I’m pretty proud of my kitty sprite:

@“kory”#p137977 Oh cool! I didn't notice much on pc since I only played a couple of quick round on there. Pause get suuuppeerrrrr chuckyyyyy on Vita. Maybe I need to update Fake-08 but I like it as is!

@“KennyL”#p138001 oh yeah, fake-08 is all sorts of buggy…my old game over screen particle extravaganza nearly melted my miyoo mini

Oh huh, now I‘m wondering if maybe my score is a bit illegitimate. My laptop isn’t that powerful. How dramatic is the hitstop supposed to become? By the time I got into the really high levels (200+ maybe?), combos would bring the game down to letting me play it a few frames at a time, and would then dramatically speed up once the combo ended. Keeping a combo going was my survival strategy.

If the game is not actually supposed to slow down that much, maybe my score is unfair. My read is that I was just getting hitstop at every single opportunity because enemies would keep spawning in. But maybe the hitstop was more stoppy than it's supposed to be.

was playing flight simulator and after leveling out at cruising altitude and getting autopilot all programmed I alt tabbed out to play this game on the 8bitdo snes controller. Went back to flight simulator and unbeknownst to me the control settings had reset from my retired-guy grade flight yoke and control setup to the 4 button 8bitdo, so I almost crashed into a field. Virtual passengers got mad and my airline lost “reputation”. Just FYI in case anyone else is in this situation

[size=25][color=blueviolet]Important update for mobile players![/size][/color]

Through the magic of registering a domain and hosting my own web versions of the games you can now play on your mobile device with touch controls that are only the _normal_ degree of bad (that is to say, touches won't be misregistered as scrolling/zooming the screen). Please enjoy the superior mobile experience offered by:

[kbones.fun/dorks](https://kbones.fun/dorks/) [/size]

@"Mnemogenic"#p138068 I'm honestly not sure if that's behaving as intended, as I am incapable of making it to such astronomical levels myself lol. I'm testing a version where the hit pause length scales down as the combo timer goes up, but I'm not sure I like how it feels yet.

@"yeso"#p138072 this came up in testing, thought I had ironed it out--shoot me your log files when you get a chance

Just for my own satisfaction, I downloaded the desktop version and played with minimal stuff on in the background (just what windows needs to be windows), in an effort to play the game in the most resource efficient way possible.

Took me a few runs, but I eventually came out with a very good one in this environment also (and beat my old high score). (I let the run end at 310 because I figured I'd proved my point and also the game was so chunky that it wasn't super fun to play anymore)

Oh also I think this game is very good. I don't think I've actually said that. I was glad to have an excuse to play some more. You've got a little classic here, in this gamer's opinion.

I want someone to beat my score, so here's three tips from the world's greatest Rain Jerks player:


1. Stay in your zone

>! The top of the screen is the safest place to be. Jerks don‘t spawn up there, so everything will be coming at you from roughly the same direction. Jerks also can’t wrap the screen, so it‘s not so hard to herd them around. The only reason to leave the top of the screen is for a combo, and even then, do it strategically. Losing your combo is better than dying.


2. Cut the grass

>! Since you’re at the top of the screen, that‘s where the jerks want to be, and since they can’t go higher than the top of the screen, they‘ll start to pile up into a horizontal line. So, just take the knife out and run to the left or right and take off the top layer. Since you’re knifing jerks at the top of the screen, it will also give your combos plenty of room to cascade out.


3. When it doubt, knife out.

>! The knife and the jerks can't damage you at the same time. So, if you have to take damage, you can do it in a controlled way by just holding the knife out and running to a safe place. You have just enough Knife Life to almost make it from one side of the screen to the other. Remember to cut the grass.

holy heck. I am very curious to hear how much time that took!

@“exodus”#p138195 About an hour.