I Played all of Hyper Gunsport

Hello, this is my first post.

Brandon had mentioned in this most recent episode to swing by here to talk about games from Necrosoft. I just wanted to say I had enjoyed Hyper Gunsport so much I got all of the achievements.


who's your main?

@“yeso”#p123799 NoMercy Parrish. I like the baseball bat mechanic.

yeah ofc the best team was unlockable. I played Congo mostly. Never played as the bots, but I think I agree with this ranking other than #1


@“yeso”#p123805 The bots are a fun little victory lap. Their arcade mode has some goodies in it that you otherwise don’t encounter.

Thank you!! We also have a generic hyper gunsport thread but I‘m happy to see someone play through it! We made the baseball bat unlockable because, when we tried it out earlier in development, it was too good and people just wanted to use that exclusively, and we were like… but… that’s lethal league………… so we cut the bat from gunsport, then brought it back for hyper gunsport but as an unlockable! (and to be clear we started making the original gunsport before lethal league's development began!)

@“exodus”#p123810 Right on! I'll tack the next Hyper Gunsport post there.

Admittedly, I haven't heard of Lethal League. My knowledge of indies is lacking, but I'm working on that. Looking forward to the new demo for Demonschool tomorrow!

@“HyggeState”#p123821 thanks!! lethal league was popular and thus people compared us to it. also… it managed to come out uhhhh like 4 years faster than our game, ha ha.