I shed some tears :) - the crying about video games thread (spoilers ahead)

All I am saying is that I shed some tears when ||Arthur Morgan|| died tragically ||on that cold mountain that day, night|| whatever it was for you guys. I was just wondering on whether there is some other people out there that shed some tears for ||his death. I did visit the grave in the epilogue.||

Not at that specifically but I shed Kenshiro ass tears at the very last cutscene in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood where the ||victorious Ala Mhigan Resistance fighters, in rough mixed voices, sing the Ala Mhigan anthem to celebrate the liberation of their homeland. It purposefully mirrors an earlier cutscene where the anthem is first sung, in polished choral voices, by Imperial soldiers and with modified lyrics. If I remember correctly it isn‘t fully revealed what the song actually is until that moment, despite it being woven throughout the expansion’s soundtrack.|| I gotta replay that expansion someday…….

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Like this

Im not that upset but i did somehow manage to not get spoiled on rdr2 till right now

[“I am a man and I shed some tears:)”,“I am a man and I shed some tears:) - spoilers ahead”]

Just added a friendly “spoilers ahead” on the title as I didn't know that was going to happen in the game either.

Granted I may not play it myself that far but making sure others are aware there be spoilers.

I say this with no malice intended: this thread should just be deleted, or at least the OP edited to be redacted and the title changed to indicate what is at risk of being spoiled also.

@“rejj”#p149463 I did consider mentioning the game title after spoilers but thought it may have the same effect, if people know the game they‘d put two and two together and see the spoiler without even reading the thread. You raise a good point on editing it and if @TheBunk49 is okay with it, as you’re new here and may not know exactly how to do it - please let me know.

I usually tear up at the end of Super Metroid and have been since '94.

@“TheBunk”#p149453 It does say spoilers in the thread title, but I hope you don't mind I added some spoiler tags to this original post.

@“captain”#p149494 I cannot see that post any longer. Do you perhaps accidentally delete it?

@“Gaagaagiins”#p149520 I think they did - I restored it.

Not to keep workshopping the first post here but I would love to change the title to "I have shed some tears (spoilers ahead)" so that it can become the general "games made me cry" thread rather than one just for men ha ha.

I tried unsuccessfully to edit the title. I apologise respectfully for it and I do feel a bit bad about the spoiler as well. I understood I would not want that happening to me either. I also tried deleting the post unsuccessfully - can we please do that.

I feel it is perfectly ok to do that as the post has lost it’s potential value to the forum.

@“TheBunk”#p149548 no worries, and I like the topic! If it's cool I will edit the title and declare this the “crying about video games” thread, and we can just keep it rolling.

[edit: I went ahead and did it]

[“I am a man and I shed some tears:) - spoilers ahead”,“I shed some tears :) - the crying about video games thread (spoilers ahead)”]

I never played past the part in FF4 when >!Palom and Porom sacrifice themselves for the party!< because I was so devastated. Fast forward again to FFX and I was grateful that >!Auron getting sent happened at the very end rather than somewhere in the middle!<.

@“TheBunk”#p149548 I 100% see the value in talking about crying at games, as a game crier myself. Don't give up on your thread!!

Yeah, like @“connrrr”#p149563 said the forum value is high! Let's keep it going! Just needed a couple small adjustments.

I cry at almost everything that has a story and an emotional song and a lot of videogames fall into that.

These days I've been listening to less music or listening to it more intentionally and exclusively because I'll start crying and that interrupts whatever I'm doing

I've cried at various points in both Nier games, at the end of Crisis Core both as a 17 year old and a 33 year old, the end of Persona 3, Undertale.

love 2 cry

I always cry in games. It’s been my thing since day one. I first cried to Smashing… Live! Orchestral soundtrack, specifically the Pokémon red / blue track. I can almost start crying just by thinking about it. The acoustic music thread is full of examples where I’m constantly crying.

Most recently some of the cutscenes in mega man legends 2 are havin me cry.