I want to play ____________! Any recommendations?

One of the most simultaneously fascinating and frustrating parts about playing games, especially older games, is how to go about actually getting around to playing the damn things. There are countless questions relevant to the modern Game Enjoyer, such as:

_What platforms is this on?_
_Is there a version that suits my needs/tastes?_
_Are there any recommended mods/patches/bug fixes?_
_Is this new official translation any good?_
_Is there some fan project decades in the making to restore and re-tool this game at an astounding level of quality?_
_Does this official remaster have any of those **godawful** fonts?_

These sorts of questions tend to end up all over the forums on a wide variety of disparate threads, so, hey, I thought, why not put all of them in one place??

Put your questions/open calls out for recommendations, opinions, or direct guidance on games you're looking into playing here!!

Gonna go ahead and start with the classic Grandia. I know this game in particular has a whole thread and conversation dedicated to it, but that‘s pretty intimidating for someone who doesn’t really know much about the game and would like to stay that way going in! My impression by sifting through that thread is that each version has corresponding pros and cons, but surely there's one whose pros outweigh the cons most heavily, right?

So yeah I thought to create this thread because I‘m itching to take my new Wii emubox for a test run, and, provided I can get this SIXAXIS to work, I want to try playing a handful of things! And, yeah, I always wonder about things like, is there a good way to play this that I don’t know about? I never want to get halfway through a game only to find out I missed out on some objectively better fan tooled ROM floating around out there.

The recommendations are maybe limited because I'm on such a weird emulation platform, but, I am just spitballing some things here after thinking about what I want to play and browsing Vimm's Lair a bit.

I downloaded the three _Panzer Dragoon_ games on the Saturn. I've _never_ played a _Panzer Dragoon,_ at least not for more than a minute or two at a Blockbuster many many years ago (this also might have been a dream idk).

Also thinking about trying out _Crusader of Centy_ and/or _Phantasy Star IV._

Might also try out the PS1 emulator for Wii by playing _Breath of Fire III,_ although, I've played that a handful of times, just never gotten through all of it before.

Are there any easily overlooked obvious things I should know about emulating any of those games?


@“Funbil”#p123269 Gonna go ahead and start with the classic Grandia.

Yooo, what a good question and what a good game. I'm gonna guess just to see if I'm right--the Saturn version with an undub if it exists.


@“Gaagaagiins”#p123272 I’m gonna guess just to see if I’m right

My second guess would be to not overthink it and just go with the HD Remaster because It's Fine

Excellent thread, thanks for starting it @Gaagaagiins ! I want to get into the Ys games, but I truly have no idea where to start. I like starting at the beginning of things, but I don‘t know if that’s possible with the equipment I currently have. For reference, I have PlayStations 1-3, Nintendo home consoles n64-switch (minus Wiiu), and all Nintendo portables (minus virtual boy, not that there were Ys games on that). Obviously emulation would be the more accessible way to get the older entries, but I don't have a PC for games right now. So what good ports are out there? Is it better to start with a more recent Ys?

@“kyleprocrastinations”#p123311 start with Ys I and II: Chronicles


Then you can play _Oath in Felghana_


**Important**: play the above 2 games with the FM synth soundtrack option

From there, go ahead and play whichever seems interesting to you. The only bad _Ys_ game is 7. You’re in good shape with literally everything else imo

Great thread idea, what's the Insert Credit consensus on classic Final Fantasy games like IV or VI? SNES, DS, Pixel Remasters?

@“yeso”#p123313 Oh man I've been wanting to try out Ys 1 and 2 for a while now. Thanks for posting the Steam links I had no idea they were on there.

@“Gaagaagiins”#p123272 check CD Romance!! The Saturn undub version does exist!! Gonna start playin it soon, it’s on my checklist of games for the year.

@“Adria”#p123380 GBA I believe

@"Toph"#p123382 Chronicles is the way to go imo. You get to try bump combat and the early 2000’s Falcom PC graphics look great, and you get a couple different FM synth options (don’t personally care for the trans Siberia express style orchestrated soundtracks)


I always call it “Yanderes from Ys”.


@“Adria”#p123380 Final Fantasy games like IV or VI? SNES, DS, Pixel Remasters?

I have only played pixel remaster of FFV, and I'd recommend recommend it for a couple of reasons.

  • - The biggest criticism (the font) has been fixed
  • - New Orchestral soundtrack^1 or select the Classic soundtrack
  • - Widescreen aspect ratio
  • - The sprites were redrawn to replicate how they appear on CRT, and there's an optional CRT filter if you're into that kind of thing
  • - Optional toggles for 'no encounters', and in the menus you can tinker with the EXP, AP, and Gold distribution in case you want it 0x, 0.5x, 1x, 2x, 4x - personally I loved tailoring my experience this way so I never got overpowered, but if you're new to the games I'd recommend just ignoring it and playing it with the default balance. going to look into the feasibility of 0 exp runs in the future.
  • - You can set default movement speed to "run" instead of holding down B button
  • - Available on everywhere
  • ^1 - I understand for FFVI they made some 'creative choices' with a certain iconic scene, I haven't played it yet so I don't know.


    @“yeso”#p123393 Toph Chronicles is the way to go imo.

    Agreed 100% on Ys Chronicles, great way to play two great games, and Falcom JDK Band went all out.

    @“Adria”#p123380 I like Final Fantasy Chronicles on PSX for IV. I remember liking the translation in FFC better than the GBA version, which turned me off. I think the Chronicles version is as close as you can get to the SFC experience without embellishments, but if you wanted those then a good PSX emulator with fast forward and save states and good CRT filters etc. should be plenty.

    I've been tooling around with a load of psp-era falcom games, and want to look a bit further back into their back catalog.

    So I decided to try out popful mail, but which version should I go for? I know falcom themselves made the SFC port, but the voice acting on the mega cd version seems pretty good.

    A small detail to note is that if I go SFC, I can play it on my analogue pocket, which is nicer than using a laptop for mega cd.

    Non-specific, probably-common-knowledge general advice for many games: Before I Play is an excellent place to check before you start a game. Most listed games have spoiler-free tips that genuinely are worth knowing before you start playing for whatever reason.

    What‘s the best way to play King’s Field?

    There‘s a question that may be kinda typical, but here we go: I want to play horror games (SOMA, Amnesia: The Bunker, RE2 remake) but, for some reason, I can’t get over them because I get too scared to play those. How can I get over that? I thought of rushing into the monster or letting myself die to get over it and make things a little more ridiculous to get over it, but while there are some games I could play, others weren't that possible.

    @“xhekros”#p123697 what have you been able to play and enjoy horror-wise?

    @“xhekros”#p123697 maybe try getting slightly drunk before playing