I wish I could play with my friend

I was chatting to some people (some on here!) about how I wish I could play Death Stranding with a friend. I don't want to see random people, but I do wanna deliver packages with my buddy! (I think it would still be in keeping with the theme of the game).

What otherwise disinterested in playing game would you be convinced to play if you could play it with a friend?

I'd probably actually try the last of us if it were co-op?

Some what cheating, but the only way I was able to finish Phantasy Star Online after 18 years was by finally playing it online. When I showed a friend that you could still play it online with your Dreamcast, we would meet in game over a few Saturday to grind our way through. Even just being able to chat over the keyboard made it much more bearable, but obviously a game that really isn't meant to be played alone. I definitely feel like MMOs would only click for me as a hang out with friends game (especially now) I would never want to be on there with randos.

I‘ve found a lot of the Tales games end up being a lot more fun when you’re experiencing them with a friend. I played through all of Tales of Xillia with my roommate, and I definitely would have stopped playing that game a couple of hours in if I was playing it alone because tbh that game wasn't very good. Experiencing the story with a friend let us MST3K over all the bad parts though and it was enjoyable that way.

I've also noticed lately in our new reality [Parsec](https://parsecgaming.com/) has become a saving grace for a lot of games that we can no longer play together in person. Its also become a home for people playing fighting games that have questionable to bad to no netcode. It is serving as a home for a massive resurgence in games like Marvel vs Capcom 3, Guilty Gear +R, King of Fighters 13 and others.

I genuinely expected, entering this thread, that it would be about R.O.B. for some reason. It’s interesting that none of the hardware makers has looked into (at least all the way to beta-testing) the idea of virtual co-op friends / AI companions that could travel across all games. Seems like something boneheadedly ahead of its time that Sega would have tried in the 90’s.

Ghost of Tsushima has just announced an upcoming co-op update, in the spirit of @shane#4754 ‘s original point. Nice timing!


I‘ve always felt that the best way to play most single player Survival Horror titles is with a group of friends on the couch, discussing solutions to clues, barking orders to whoever is playing, and passing the controller around. That’s how I played the original PlayStation run of Resident Evil games in my early 20s (I'm old).

I can't really play any of the modern FPS games (APEX, Warzone, etc.) without a group of friends online with me, otherwise I wind up super bored.

Friday the 13th and Dead By Daylight had the same thing going on. It's just so much more enjoyable (and hilarious) to screw up surviving a horror movie scenario with friends.

@chazumaru#4793 Wow! Would actually be tempted to play this now.

I should say of course nearly every game is better with friends! Maybe someone should make a thread about games that are better alone, it might produce interesting results. But I found myself noticing I was so disinterested in so many AAA games because I couldn‘t play them with another person. Maybe it’s due to repetitive nature of AAA game structure these days? So I had wondered was this a common feeling!

@shane#4754 what have you done? Couldn’t you have asked for World Peace instead!?


@chazumaru#4816 I'm sorrrrryyyy!!!


@chazumaru#4793 It’s interesting that none of the hardware makers has looked into (at least all the way to beta-testing) the idea of virtual co-op friends / AI companions that could travel across all games.

This is a hilarious and wonderful idea.

Nintendo has already done a baby version of this by letting you train AIs stored inside of Amiibos to get better at Super Smash Bros. So if they did a full scale version that ran across multiple games, I'd imagine that they'd use their established characters as the faces for their AI companions. I feel like 90's Sega would have come up with completely new characters? Part of me wants to say that they'd be realistic-looking humans -- but if they did this on the Dreamcast there's no way that the VMU wouldn't play a role in this somehow -- and in that case they'd probably have to do something more cartoony or abstract for it to make visual sense on the VMU's tiny display.

This whole system would create such a neat console-wide meta-game! I love it.

yeah… a character on my VMU that interacts with all the games on the console in some way, even if it‘s just like “uhhh it gets points if you play.” I’m into it

I am actually surprised the in console operating system friend thing did not happen on say like the 3DS which would have been powerful enough to handle it, and would work with the OS. But then I remember Bonzi Buddy (see also Clippy). I definitely could have seen something in the 80s or 90's like a Teddy Ruxpin or a Furby that interacts with your game. Maybe ROB being such a flop killed the idea for ever.

Isn‘t this what Miis were supposed to be? I don’t think they play a significant role with the Switch, if any (it definitely doesn't on mine). :frowning: