IC retrospective

Just in case anyone here does not read the Twitters, our glorious producer @espercontrol has posted a thread with some of their favourite clips


Thanks esper, and thanks IC cast for a great year.

Not in the thread (yet?) but I will never stop laughing at Brandon's David Cage impersonation.


Also this gem


anyone else go back to the old old episodes lately?

More arguing about roberto benigni than I remembered

Episode 30 “Electro-Lester The Unlikely” @ 29:59, first appearance of the Improv Zone, and shockingly, it‘s revealed that “the panel” had been “requesting this for a while.” This isn’t the narrative we were sold

@“yeso”#p68288 that sounds like a jaffe fabrication to me!!

@“yeso”#p68288 improv zone truthers unite

@“exodus”#p68295 exactly what a secret improv liker would say……

@“exodus”#p68295 a “jaffrication”

The truth about Improv Zone is that it was actually Tim Rogers who proposed it. I revealed this in, I believe, the second anniversary episode.

@“Jaffe”#p68301 when will tim stop trolling every human being on earth?

@“Venus Emperor”#p68302 I would say after he's dead, but there are several contingencies in place for that

I have no doubt that Tim would schedule a series of Patreon updates, YouTube videos and pre-recorded Twitch streams beyond his death before unceremoniously announcing that he is actually dead in an ever-so-slightly cryptic sentence hidden in a lengthy update.

### _"That's a joke. "_

When I say “the panel requested this” it means Tim told me to try it. When I do something that obviously leads into a Brandon anecdote it means he asked me to work it in. When Frank has an answer ready for the icebreaker question it’s because I remembered to send it to him as we’re getting ready to record, as he has requested.