IC Subconscious Infiltration Thread

Just had a dream that I was watching a shaky washed out digital handheld vid of Tim, Brandon and Frank walking across a pedestrian overpass bridge(??) in Shibuya(???), apparently on their way to some kind of exclusive club event, while an entire city block cheered for them like they were the goddamn Beatles.

My only thought was: "Wow, I always underestimate how successful you can be working in new media."

I want to formally apologize to Jaffe for not being included in this dream, despite obviously being either the George or Ringo of the group.

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Not a dream but the bozo is laughing/bozo is crying story from this post by @β€œyeso”#p54458 has really stuck with me.

@"2501"#p83736 Jaffe was holding the camera

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