IC Sunday Solvers Club

### IC Sunday Solvers: 7/2/2023



**8** - The elder Hazuki's line of work
**9** - Giant Step gastropod mollusc, has trouble concentrating
**10** - 2D, IRL Mii-encoder, staple of COVID-era dining
**11** - Subterranean platformer with hair trigger shopkeeper
**12** - VMU-raised garden residents
**13** - Officer Tenpenny, you could say, or Ness's assailant
**17** - Rodent-like indie studio, for short
**18** - The Angry Video Game Nerd's Mancunian nemesis
**19** - Dwarven Shining Forcer, or former Brewers 3rd baseman
**20** - "Special Death Move" did not land for this would-be _Kombat_ Killer
**22** - Twin-stick "task force", in flop sequel that virtually ended series
**23** - Titular Harry, doin' what he does best
**27** - Pullback vehicular series
**28** - Sanguinary, deliquescent fighter
**29** - Often signed, rarely read


**1** - Barrier broken by Stanley, Guybrush, Psycho Mantis
**2** - Created to teach tax theory, first video game-ified 50 years later
**3** - "Smarty" to his partner's "Rage" on the VCPD
**4** - Custodian at Willamette Parkview Mall
**5** - Encarnation of Crystals on Cocoon, which is like a moon of Pulse I think, and they might become a Cie'th...but they were created by Bhunivezle or some dumb shit like that
**6** - Quite popular sound processing tech used by Capcom, Sega, and Madonna
**7** - Takes up inventory space, also a type of "man" in _Megaman_
**14** - The Marge of the All Cosmos family, in a stylistic sense
**15** - up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start
**16** - Sightseeing locale for fans of bloody chains and rusted sheet metal, when visiting Toluca Lake
**19** - Out of the Mutant Planet and into the Lost Dimension, for this guy
**21** - English language localizer, famously of Matsuno
**24** - Mr. Stone, in Wood City
**25** - Casual garment, Of Lords, Of The Void, etc.
**26** - PS2's first DVD-capable competitor

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Alright, I‘m tapping out. I think this is the best I can do. Some of them may be wrong; I couldn’t check my answers like last time. Oh and I definitely did some googling for some of these.


I'm ready!! Exciting.

@“Mnemogenic”#p122568 you did great! Also I added the submit/check option to the web puzzle

@“yeso”#p122583 Awesome! Thanks for another great puzzle!

Had a lot of fun with last week's puzzle, looking forward to this week. The upper right corner gave me some trouble, but had a good time flexing my googling muscles for the rest. I agree, 13 across really tickled me.

I struggled more with this one and ended up with 7 unsolved :o a few more series I'm unfamiliar with this time! My favorite prompt this round was 1 down.

Since I have one that @Mnemogenic didn't, I'll share my result

I'm gonna sticky these on Sundays and then unsticky them after!


Can't figure out that twin-stick “task force” for the life of me

Thanks for the sticky! I had missed this thread, what a great idea. I gave up here for the first one. I was too fixated on “artifact” meaning some kind of item you had to collect. I am still not sure I understand 4-down even after checking the answer haha.


@“◉◉maru”#p122645 Did you not have that game in europe maybe? this is one that I got but then thought was wrong because I had something ELSE wrong and so the letters didn't fit.

@“exodus”#p122647 Oh I understood the game we were meant to find once I saw the answer; It’s the “differently-titled” part that I don’t understand. It threw me in a completely different direction! I was looking for a region specific name of a Technos game like Vigilante or River City Ransom.

As for this week’s grid, I am also stuck on that final Twin Stick Task-Force clue…


Did not expect to learn about Katamari Damacy lore, tax theory and GTA characters in the same hour.

if any clues are inaccurate or confusing, or any answers are misspelled or factually incorrect, feel free to let me know and I will alert The Puzzlemaster, who is not me. That's the mysterious person who creates these devious and thrilling challenges

@“yeso”#p122699 I can tell since watching those Chris Remo videos during COVID that I suck at crosswords so I will always assume the true culprit is me.

Best regards to the Puzzlemaster, this is entertaining stuff at an unbeatable value.


### IC Sunday Solvers 7/9/2023



**6** - Insert Credit : "Rain Jerks" as Nihongo : ______
**7** - Harmful to approval ratings and commutes, in _SimCity_
**9** - Comprehensive arcade conversion company, software and hardware included
**10** - Pac-Man, Bomberman, Garfield all drifted into this genre
**11** - Belatedly-released "Clockwork" game, no knight in sight
**13** - RPG engagement, usually with a catchy theme
**15** - Late, limbless Famicom fighter
**19** - Idealistic Intellivision title that beat Civ to the punch
**20** - 3rd rock from the Algo
**23** - Mid-level fire spell, before it was frizzled
**24** - Unit of measure, of which 360 displayed 921,600
**26** - The prog rockian manufacturer of Kubrickian console
**27** - Visual peripheral needed to Odysse(e)y


**1** - Temporary storage for 24 Across, remember?
**2** - There's a good honest challenge and then there's this, per Turbo Tunnel toilers, for example
**3** - Phantasical bad penny; not one of your palz
**4** - Precocious WTA top-10 achiever and SEGA product-endorser
**5** - Kiryu's clawed nemesis
**6** - 10/1/97, in _Crystalis_ terms
**7** - I question the historical accuracy of this Dreamcast "Sengoku" title
**8** - Status effect, often avoidable with the proper identification
**12** - Singular Russian pixel artist
**14** - Cyclopeon enemies. May produce beam powers if ingested.
**16** - Meme-producing Nintendo network, now defunct
**17** - Controller feature. William Castle would approve
**18** - Tri-ace's Roakean swordsman
**21** - Duck Hunter's weapon of choice
**22** - Third step in debugging Sonic
**25** - _Hexic HD_ was the digital pack-in for this digital store, abbr.

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**[color=yellow]Last Week's Solution[/color]**



OH WOW. I never played the game none of us figured out but now I get it.

Looking forward to this new one even though it's not Sunday yet for me

@“yeso”#p123581 Excuse me, liason for the Puzzle Master – is the number in the clue for 24 across meant to be </s>92,160<e> rather than </s>921,600<e>?

[size=8]or have I just mis-understood the calculation, while still stumbling on the correct answer?[/size]