@“robinhoodie”#p148123 I will say by the end of the level it get pretty great. Fewer ambushes.

Rolled credits on Quake II and I don't have much more to say than I already have. Its fine. I also have been playing some deathmatch and co-op (the co-op is for the machine games levels) and that has been pretty rad. Deathmatch is fast and brutal.

I also have been playing the first two episodes of **Quake I** on nightmare difficulty. Great way to really learn the combat rhythms. Can't make it too far before dying but getting better each run.

I also also went through all of **Wolfenstein: The Old Blood** over the weekend. I've played this a ton and really enjoy the throw-back vibe.

I also also also started **Prey (2006)** and it runs pretty choppy (360 version on One X) and the combat is kinda dull, but the total alien setting and vertigo inducing level layouts have me hooked.

@“sdate”#p151622 That’s a fun idea for a jam, thanks for the heads up on this. I could definitely see what you’re saying about fitting Quake gameplay into these spaces.

Nice to see de_Aztec getting some love - that was always one of my favorite settings despite not really being the best layout for CS.

This was an interesting take on FPS arsenals (and dunk on Ion Fury).


I've been playing DOOM II on ultra-violence. This game is brutal. Maps 9 & 10 throw so many enemies at you that your ammo dries up right quick. Not sure if I can make it through map 11 with the way things are going. I was curious as to who designed what maps and found this. It has map credits for DOOM, Final DOOM and DOOM II. Quite interesting to see how few Romero maps there are past the first episode of DOOM.

@“tomjonjon”#p146145 I finally got a chance to watch this! It was interesting learning how all of the discordant elements of Quake 1 were a result of siloed creators and a total shift in direction.

I was so glad he showered Dimension of the Machine with so much praise, too. I thought it deserved way more love and attention than it got.

He convinced me to pick up Quake 2. Never played before — bounced off a couple times already, I think I just need to adjust to the new weapons and rhythms.


@tomjonjon Back In The Day(TM) I played both on Ultra Violence, there simply was no other way. I highly doubt I would put myself through that wringer again. I am, in the words of Roger Murtaugh, too old for this shit.

(Danny Glover was younger than I am presently when they were filming Lethal Weapon. (sad_trombone.wav plays))

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Saw that this hit Steam today and it looks like a hot one