I'm a fan of _____, so please recommend more like _____!

We need a dedicated “for fans of” recommendation thread! And not just for video games, either!

(I don't think we already have one, do we?)

For example!

I love that Astro Boy game for GBA because of the way enemies pause, retain a bit of momentum, and then go pinballing around the screen, bouncing around in a jangly and satisfying way. Can anyone recommend other games with good heft to the action, satisfyingly "heavy" impact, and enemies that go pinballing around?


I love Stephen King's writing specifically because of the way he sets up detailed and enjoyable examples of everyday (60s era, white people, Maine) life, and then injects an element of something weird. Slice of life with crackling dialog 90% of the way, and then an interdimensional monstrosity shows up, but it "works" because everything else about the narrative is so tight and well constructed. So I don't want "HoRrOr nOvElS" – I just want someone who can kind of do what King does.


I think we can really help each other out with this kind of thing.

Wario Land 4 Pinball Zone is similar to Astro Boy.

But not exactly. Hit stun can be really satisfying huh?

Causing chain reactions in Every Extend Extra is fun.

And there's the obvious comparison to the superfluous hit stun in Gunstar Heroes.

Most of the games I'd ask for similar stuff to, I wouldn't expect there to be a real answer for.
Like, what games are similar to Cubivore? Tokyo Jungle? Minecraft? Zelda OoT? E.V.O.?
What's similar to Survival Kids? Lost in Blue? Raw Danger?
Then again there's probably some indies I don't know about that would be similar...
Are the any more games like Chulip where everyone in a small town murders you for kissing them?

My suggestion is to play Bangai-o Spirits only using the baseball bat.



@christoffing#25709 My suggestion is to play Bangai-o Spirits only using the baseball bat.

Second this 1000%. I thought recommending another Treasure game was a bit obvious, but this is exactly what came to mind when I read your post. Best baseball bat in a video game (come at me Ness).


@whatsarobot#25668 Stephen King

The novel Harvest Home by thomas tryon

the short story “Mackintosh Willy” by ramsey campbell

the short fiction of Robert Aickman (for detailed, measured setting/atmosphere buildup. Way different than stephen king though. But excellent I’d say)

Iconoclasts has some of that, I believe.

I want to clarify that the 60s era, white people, Maine aspects of King's writing are NOT the appeal for me. So I am not specifically looking for those things in fiction – that just happens to be his wheelhouse.

Thanks for these recommendations, everyone! Iconoclasts and those other Treasure games are fun. I used to own Bangai-O for the DS, but I don't remember it having a baseball bat! That sounds really fun.

@treefroggy You're asking some tough questions, there. Maybe it would help to specify what exactly about each of those games you're looking to replicate? As for everyone hating you for kissing them, uh... Nothing springs to mind, sorry.

@yeso Thank you for the literature picks. Harvest Home has been on my radar for a while, but I've never read any Campbell or Aickman.


@treefroggy#25705 Zelda OoT

>Raw Danger

Not saying this to be a jerk but the sequels to these games are pretty shameless imitations, no? I haven't played Disaster Report 4 but I have to imagine it would at least sort of scratch that itch. And I recall you saying in another thread that Twilight Princess is basically an edgy beat-for-beat repetition of Ocarina of Time, so I wonder what it is that you want from something else like OoT. The 3D Zeldas have squeezed a lot of juice out of that particular fruit.

@captain#25784 Sorry, my syntax may have been confusing, I was saying all those games were similar to Cubivore.

  • - It has Z-Targeting from OoT
  • - Tokyo Jungle comparison is obvious
  • - Minecraft comparison was somewhat resentful because in hindsight Cubivore did that cubism stuff first, and more elegantly IMHO.
    and then I was naming games similar to Survival Kids after that.
  • @treefroggy#25786 Aha, that makes way more sense, I see what you were doing, sorry. Oops!

    @treefroggy#25786 Whoa, I totally did not pick up on that either. Now I get it. Cool.


    @whatsarobot#25781 60s era, white people, Maine aspects

    I wouldn't inflict this on anyone don't worry

    but I know what you mean re the appeal of a detailed windup in a horror/suspense novel. Aickman's the master of that imo..

    I'm a fan of Shin Megami Tensei IV because I love the post-apocalyptic environments and religious imagery. Are there any more obscure RPGs for someone who loves picking apart religious imagery for themes?


    if active-apocalypse rather than post is ok then:

    linda cube

    pathologic 2




    I think I saw Brandon mention Linda Cubed on Twitter. It looked really cool. I added Pathologic 2 to my wishlist. All these other games seem to have never have been released in the United States. Do any of them have English patches?

    @Syzygy#25802 Just checked out the thread, lots of cool stuff there. I really hope Linda Cubed gets a translation someday, honestly maybe I'll just have to learn Japanese.

    Honestly was searching the forum for variations of “recommendations” to see if something like this existed. Good timing.

    Would love reccs for like, I feel like Kojima and Miyazaki have kinda spoiled me for 3D action games? I can't get enough FromSoft and Kojima games, but so much other stuff doesn't seem like it'd scratch the same itch. I like that they feel weighty, but something like Dead Space is almost TOO weighty and clunky, but the stuff like Devil May Cry-style seems too floaty or something.

    Maybe it's not even about the combat specifically, just the way your character "FEELS" in the 3D space, which is so hard to talk about haha. I love the old REs (didn't dig 5 and haven't played anything since), Zelda, Team Ico stuff, but would definitely love more reccs in that vein. I don't even really know what links all those, other than just being good, but it feels KINDA related in my head. I dig the Arkham games, but I think my love of Batman may be a factor there, since I like-but-don't-love Spidey, which plays relatively similar, but maybe also a little more floaty?

    It seems like Nier maybe would scratch some of that itch from what I've seen?

    Another diva thing though, is (and i'm open to exceptions) but I really don't play many games where you kill humans with guns. I'll do Star Wars lazer stuff, or kill humans with Swords in Dark Souls or whatever, but stuff like Uncharted kinda rubs me the wrong way I think? Plus I generally dig the more fantastical settings to realistc stuff (or at least weirdly heightened like MGS)

    Same sorta with older 2D games, like I LOVE the worlds/music/look/vibes of old FF games or whatever, but I think turn-based just feels too abstracted for me so I wish every Final Fantasy just played like Link to the Past or something lol.

    Definitely will look into whatever y'all think might be up my alley :)

    @rainbowbattlekid#26001 You might be aware of it already, but Final Fantasy Adventure (the predecessor of the Mana series) is literally Final Fantasy with LoZ style combat. At least that’s how I remember it. I haven’t played it since I was a kid. I suspect that it’s a lot clunkier than Zelda is, but it might be fun. I believe our good friend @marlfuchs2 was playing it recently?

    @saddleblasters#26003 Oh yeah I love FFA haha. It's definitely “not as good Zelda” imo but I had fun with it at the time

    @rainbowbattlekid#26004 Yeah, I think it’s definitely a game worth remembering from time, since “2D Final Fantasy with LttP combat” really isn’t quite as saturated a genre as one might expect it to be.