"I'm just here to kill Chaos" - Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

Unless I missed it, I haven't seen the IC Dedicated Space To Enjoy SoPFFO Discssion, so let it begin.

I've played about 4 hours in a co-op only session with my friend (both blind playing), done about the first 5 or 6 story stages. As people have already mentioned, this game is 7/10 wildness. My scattered experiences so far:

Finding this game on the PS4 store was just a silly representation of how I feel this game is going to be regarded. Had to basically type the whole thing in for it to be a suggested result in the search...

The clothes are all real cool and also real dumb. In MP, the cooperator cannot cosmetically see the gear they are wearing (because the cooperator is a 'main character' in terms of ability to change jobs, and the side characters are locked into one class typically, and hence many clothing items are not modeled for them). This results in a between-missions discussion of "hey how do you wanna look next time" where the host sets up what weird look you want to have next time. Also appears to have some classic 'this gear is only for girls / boys' attitudes.

Visual design feels like it has the fingers of Resonance of Fate poking around in there.

The resolution on a standard PS4 running in 'performance' mode is reeeaaal low. Particle effects are pretty neat, tho! FF14 flowerpot for real. It feels like the character models are 100% NOT bumpmapped and purely polygonal. Just wild to see, particularly amplified with the low resolution.

Magic feels a little Dragon's Dogma-y in the "charge for a pretty long time" regard. Pretty chunky. (not full late game DD, mind you)

There are an absurdly large number of customization options. Just trying to visualize what the 20-, or 30-hour mark will look like is hard, but a strong driver for us to continue playing. My gut feeling is that someone in this project will have put some huge number of hours in creating some wild endgame loop that is hyper mechanically intensive.

On the world map you can choose to talk to NPCs at towns, and it's just not good! But you should try it out.

The camp is real and seems to have A Reason, but I'll leave it at that. Most dialogue results in laughter.

If you think of this game as "A Nioh," it's just bad. If you think of this game as "A Souls-like," it's just bad. But if you try to let it float in some other space between things, it's really nothing else, and pretty good. Playing it feels like what my idea of FF15 or 7remake combat was before I played those games. Quite nice combat feel.

However gross these memes can be, this sums up how I feel about this game.
[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/IUnzvlX.jpeg]


@“MDS-02”#p63586 It feels like the character models are 100% NOT bumpmapped and purely polygonal.

Well yes about that…


Wait, is anyone else playing Final Fantasy Origin? Did people just check out after the demo? Is there ample discussion elsewhere?

@“MDS-02”#p63831 I booted up the PC version last nite mostly to just make sure it runs ok. I watched the intro (impressive!) and played through the 10-ish minute tutorial (yup, it’s a 360 game!) and all seems sound. I definitely want to play more, but ye Elden Ring is still the priority (which, itself, already put SMT IV on the back burner).

I guess watch this space (or whatever space we decide is appropriate) for when I actually put some time into it!

I picked up my copy on Friday and then had to deal with a messy situation all weekend that bled into this week and I've only been able to start pecking at it again since last night.

It really does feel like somewhere between FFXV and Nioh. Frantic like XV without the kludge but not deliberate enough to feel too much like Nioh. I like the party banter. I love the OST's riffing on FF1 tracks. Exploring the jobs has me excited to unlock the more advanced ones—how many could there be?? These are my early impressions!

If anyone is interested, this is the mapping I settled on:

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/ytynsg4.jpeg]

and it's felt really natural! The only problem I've encountered is with ranged Y abilities—the game won't let you aim with the left stick, even though Jack can't move while aiming, so I have to reach over to the right with my left thumb (because my right thumb is tied up holding down Y). Not a deal-breaker!! but I have once or twice wondered how I can send an email directly to Team Ninja in my best Japanese asking if they could fix it.

Japanese players didn’t want to kill chaos.


Physical Software Sales

  • 1. [PS4] Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin – 28,944 (NEW)

  • >
  • 2. [NSW] Pokemon Legends: Arceus – 23,067 (2,177,459)

  • >
  • 3. [PS4] Elden Ring – 19,487 (293,628)

  • >
  • 4. [PS5] Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin – 17,905 (NEW)

  • >
  • 5. [NSW] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 16,078 (4,499,542)

  • >
  • 6. [NSW] Minecraft – 9,755 (2,561,419)

  • >
  • 7. [PS4] Gran Turismo 7 – 9,447 (94,818)

  • >
  • 8. [NSW] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – 9,111 (4,813,641)

  • >
  • 9. [NSW] Triangle Strategy – 8,429 (112,107)

  • >
  • 10. [NSW] Mario Party Superstars – 8,182 (912,325)
  • I am sure the last minute delay and sudden competition of Elden Ring played a big role in this outcome but it’s pretty crazy how much juice the Final Fantasy IP has lost in its home market in the past decade. In the PS3 era, Elden Ring would have been terrified to move near Stranger of Paradise.

    Let’s hope for the game’s sake that American players really want that hat.

    @“chazumaru”#p63847 Yeah, a strongly recurring feeling we have had while playing is “They got the go-ahead from square to do this with the IP?” The idea of it being in any way an ‘official’ FF game is just surprising.

    The other feeling that has been building is “who did they envision this game is for?” Not just in a ‘I don’t think this is a very good game for anyone’ way, but more that the aesthetics, tone plus gameplay style is such a weird mix that any sizable gaming population I can think of would not like one of those three things as they are, setting aside technical problems and incomplete aspects. Wild to see such a huge company create such a giant product in this way.

    look i dont know whos playing this but some of you are. reveal yourself. look at his goddamned run animation

    i think i heard it described as very disrespectful but a lot of fun. if the game were a woman, i'd probably marry her.

    (i _think_ we're talking about _stranger of paradise_, which i haven't played btw)

    [“"I’m just here to kill Chaos"”,“"I’m just here to kill Chaos" - Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin”]


    @“chazumaru”#p63847 Let’s hope for the game’s sake that American players really want that hat.

    When I said in the other thread that I was ready to buy it for $20, I meant in two months - I was pretty sure this was how it was gonna go.

    So I've got the scoop on how the base Xbone version plays: not well!!

    For those who won’t play it but need to be informed: this video.

    Nothing too spoilery but he articulates the enjoyment that I’ve dug out of the 10ish hours so far with my friend. The digging is worthwhile itself, hence the ‘if you won’t play it’ disclaimer.

    well now I know why everyone's been having performance issues but me lol


    i'm the stranger of paradise

    I need to revive this thread, because I‘m starting to feel embarrassed for harbouring any enthusiasm for the angry man game?? I think it’s real good, but that could just be because I'm playing one of the two versions that actually run at 60fps most of the time. Here are some thoughts about my time so far:

  • * I‘ve only just gotten past the first proper Tiamat fight in the game (not the in medias res opening scene Tiamat fight) but have also clocked almost 27 hours somehow, so I don’t know what that‘s about—I took some time to master my basic jobs but I might’ve also left the game on pause for too long
  • * It took me a while to get my head around a light-heavy action game where the heavy attacks draw from a mana pool, but if you're in the flow the game is trying to draw you into then you'll be restoring your MP fast enough for it not to stall on you. And when it does, you switch to a build-up phase for a bit
  • * Speaking of switching gears: I shied away from the mage jobs, because I never typically bother with those builds in soulslikes (maybe I should) and also because FF mages are historically useless in a melee, but that one weapon they all wield packs a wallop. The mace is like the axe without the reach, which I think is a very generous tradeoff. The job combo that finally won me the Tiamat battle was white mage/dragoon.
  • * I love that the gameovers are announced by Jack groaning "this sucks"
  • * I love [this interaction](https://youtu.be/IRD6LwPP7ns?t=10622) Jack and Jed have (no spoilers)
  • * I love the soundtrack! Imagine my delight upon learning it's not just riffing on FF1, but FFXIII and FFIX too?? The Sunleth Waterscape covers are wild enough. I was listening to the absolute banger of a 2000s high school angst throwback that is Shadows Rising when, it ended, and the next track came up and it was Awakened Forest from IX!! I dare not listen any further ahead.
  • * The cutscenes are amusingly stilted. I think the airy characterization works for a game based on FF1.
  • * What the hell is with the outfit sets available for Ash? He is not a mage at all, but all he gets to wear for some reason is caster and wizard stuff. It's genuinely awful. Jed gets more outfits, but they're hit and miss. In fact, most of the outfits are hit and miss. The Black set is peak Kingdom Hearts Goth shit. Fuck/thank you, Nomura.
  • Legitimately excited by the demo to play the full thing, I don‘t want to be thought of as someone only in it for the hat… I’m sure my worries about playing on a machine incapable of really handling it will be relieved if I get to pay $5 for it

    Well, I just got to Lich, and I sure am glad I didn't let anyone spoil that moment for me.

    I would have played this by now, but I don't have anyplace with decent enough down speed to install it! waiting on my homie to get his wifi repaired…

    i'm definitely going to play it after elden ring…will be coming to the thread late but please leave it open for me