Important Reminder For All Users (Regulars and Lurkers)

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Live loudly with kindness and joy!!!

inb4 “you are already loved”

(unfunny too serious take: I think "you are loved" is a weaksauce slogan even if well-intended and I'm glad it either fell out of use or I've distanced myself from the kinds of people who just post it all over their social media every day like it's producing anything positive lol. People don't want to hear a generic substitute for "I love you"!!)

@“connrrr”#p102439 counterpoint: it can sometimes be exactly what you need to hear from a friend who knows you well enough to know you're feeling very unloved in that moment.

Hail satan

Lurker here. Can we pin this thread?

@“goonbag”#p102468 in that situation why reinvent the wheel and not just say “I love you”, though?


I dont think I've ever heard the phrase uttered out loud and have only come across it in social media spaces so I can see how it can feel a bit cheap or meme-ish even if it is well meaning.

I've never been much for affirmations but I always enjoyed Stuart Smalley's sign off quote of "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!" even if it was meant to be satirical.

@“Toph”#p102477 haha, I'd actually been thinking about that from time to time recently but I forgot how it goes. Will be repeating the words to myself unironically now, thank you.

“But one thing we can know for certain,

These things will never die:

Love and courage.”

[size=30][b]i love you

relieved to learn this, personally


Frankly at this point I just expected Pathologic 2 was on sale again.

in other words, please be truuuuuuuuuuuueeee

in other words, i love you


i‘m so glad this wasn’t a “buy pathologic 2 thread with clickbait title that scares esper every time she sees it” thread