In praise of the 7/10

I think that the author here articulates a slightly different sort of praise to the Insert Credit love of the 7/10 game that is frequently brought up on the podcast. The IC 7/10 means a game that tried something new or radically different and fell short but should still be praised for even attempting something new.

The author here first discusses trends in games that grew out of games that when first seen by the public due to how different or unusual they were, they fell short of universal acclaim till they reached a wider audience.

The author goes on to analyse how even "bad games" like Sonic 06 are deserving of love for the things they try, which I feel is more Insert Credit.

Either way it's a read I enjoyed and wanted to share.

I read this and think that this article is obviously born out of the modern age where the ratio of great games to not great games within the sphere of Gamer Zeitgeist is better than ever. Back in the PS2 era, 7/10 games were more common and thus easier to find IC 7/10 games.

For a recent time, the 7/10s were harder to find but Square seem to have made it their mission to revive the 6 and 7 out of 10s and along with a few others like Gungrave, there are more to find now. Weirdly, 7/10s are still being given top billing on things like Sony State of Plays with Forspoken being inescapable and Valkyrie Elysium getting a good spot. Once upon a time, these wouldn't have been featured like this and all these goddarn young people wouldn't have noticed them as much.

Obviously there are a lot of 7/10s being released on Steam every second and the Microsoft shows seem to feature loads of them but they're not very interesting 7s compared to something like Forspoken.