In this thread, we brag about our best gaming hauls gone by

on any number of other forums, i run into threads where folks encourage each other to buy classic games at hundreds of dollars “before the price gets worse” etc and i get it, but fear buying like this only feeds resellers…that said, nearly a decade back i recall refusing to rebuy MUSHA for like $80 because that number felt crazy at the time (you only paid nearly $100 for really rare shit, like snatcher or PDS etc) and i'd just wait out the spike, the same way i did that weird one in 2008 when FF VII was nearly $100. likewise, i talked a friend at the time down from paying $100 for little samson for similar reasons

i really like seeing good deals go down these days, but it's rare. so i wanted to celebrate the times we got stuff for dirt cheap! ive known folks who grabbed earthbound when clearances were happening for < $40, i recall buying golden axe warrior as a kid for like $20 when toys r us was dumping master system games, etc. let's hear those stories!

here's my best craiglist hauls from about a decade ago, right before resellers ruined what had been years of great hunting

late 2012

drove a half hour to pay $30 for a woodgrain Atari 2600, multiple controllers and over a dozen boxed games (some having the pricetag and receipts!), was super happy. i still can't yet replace my older brother's Atari 400 mom dumped when i left but this was a great start!

early 2013

$30 craiglist, less than 10 minutes away - i caught it right when it went up, a young couple needed garage space for an in-law moving in and didn't care what was in the box. one NES had double dragon 2 inside. i was so happy, i gave out the extra hardware to local retro game friends for christmas

fall of 2013 - $50. i reached out early when i got off work, mostly wanting to replace the model 1 sega-cd i had at launch growing then the unit was known to have problems, but he'd barely used his, and outside of some rate audio drops, it still works great. i traded boogerman for a few games a few months later but still have the rest, the six button sticks get heavy rotation

late december 2013 (toward the end/before the bubble ruined shit)
a kinda friend of mine mentioned this one from craigslist, and i was working the graveyeard shift - it was literally $30 for these, and even at the time, that was stupid cheap. i mostly wanted sega AGES and that alone was like $50+...said friend said he'd meet them up late on sunday, and i insisted it'd be long gone.
employing questionable ethics, i hit said seller up early sunday morning when i got off work - they already had numerous offers, and i said i'd come through immediately with $40 instead. they accepted, and i took the games.
i don't even talk to that former friend anymore (they ended up siding with gamergate back then), so i have zero regrets here. i even enjoy vittua hydlide, and it's not a good game

other favorites include this one seller back on nintendoage who sold me snatcher + FF antholody for $140, then panzer dragoon saga + shining force CD (sans manual) for $240. i didn't wanna spend that much on either back then, but looking back, i'm glad that i did
oh! retrocollect back then had a guy who took $40 on elevator action returns (saturn), still one of my favorite games. man was that a good day.

so what about you, what were some of your best ones? what retailers did you catch dumping gems for dirt cheap, or sellers for a good haul before the bubble got bad? let's hear/see em!

was in los angeles recently for sound and fury (a hardcore fest). my girlfriend took me to this spot called frank and sons that has a bunch of vendors selling whatever on the weekends. the day that we went, the socal gaming expo was going on, so of course i had to check it out lol.

i saw so many copies of _board game top shop_ for the playstation 1 that were going for around $35. the last vendor i checked out before we left the expo area, i checked the five dollar bin and there's a complete in box version of the game in there; grabbed it as fast as i could


I like the idea of the this thread.

I actually got really into collecting when I was in 7th grade. My oldest brother became friends with a guy who owned a local used game store. During the summer that year, I would go up there 5 sometimes 6 times a week to just clean, test, and organize stuff. In return I'd get to choose a few games to take home. At the time the guy sold any NES, Genesis, or SNES game for $5 unless it was a rare or highly sought after one. For example, I got Chrono Trigger for $20 but also Zombies ate my Neighbors for $5. He also sold disc games with no case or manual as "Bin Games" for $3 which is a term I still use today.

My first 2 times I went to this store to shop I had 2 games i wanted. Megaman Legends 2 and Bomberman64.

My brother told me of a legendary Bin Game Megaman Legends 2 with a fat blockbuster sticker across the disc.

The few summers just went up there basically as a job I accrued lots of great stuff. A Genesis CDX, a Nomad, countless games for any console that was out at that time, random loose manuals or empty boxes to fill out my own collection. It was incredible. We would borrow or try stuff out. I really miss having a shop like that here even after I stopped going up there to help out.

Unfortunately that shop closed down. Not because of lack of business, but the owner went back to school and started doing something else. I still wish I was just a year or two older when it closed down so that I could have taken it over.

In the last few months of them being open, he reduced all of the $5 games to just $1 for us.

This was right before the big boom of retro gaming too. So despite this great opportunity and us taking advantage of it, we still missed out on a lot of amazing deals. I felt so sorry for the guy after everything started to go way up in price.

Anyways, I've got many stories with this store and the pawn shops/second hand stores from around here. I'll get back and talk more in a bit.

OP, cool idea for a thread! And fun to read!

a couple memories come to mind. I worked at a major game retailer in the 90's and at the time we where allowed to go outdoors and trade with a customer wanted to trade in some product we did not accept. I offered a fair price at the time and got all the gameboy final fantasy titles CIB in one lot. Another time I got all the dragon warrior titles for NES CIB in one lot.

Most recently a coworker of my wife wanted to get rid of her sons old gaming "junk" I was given:
a Wii, A PSP, A PS2, and 2 GBA's! I offered to pay them some fair price but they where happy with me just saving them a car ride to the recycle center so it was all free.

this thread is making me remember the games I traded into gamestop over the years (rule of rose, steambot chroncles, chulip, original pressing SMT nocturne…… yes I'm wearing a dunce cap while I type this

@“yeso”#p81603 the reason I got into collecting was because we got rid of a huge stack of Genesis games in a trade to Software Etc. to get an n64 game. We traded stuff like Contra Hard Corps complete in to get a not very good racing game for n64. Ever since that mistake I haven't sold too many games other than my atari 2600 stuff and doubles.

@“yeso”#p81603 the comrades I‘ve lost won’t stop hurting.

@“yeso”#p81603 Made a similar mistake trading in my precious sweetness Fire Emblem 10 (for only 50% off Final Fantasy XIII!), which wrong I was able to right in buying your copy last year. Thank you for helping me find peace

I once bought Slaughter Sport for Genesis for $12 instead of buying Gaiares for $40. Went with Slaughter because it was much cheaper but often regret not getting complete Gaiares for an excellent price.