In what game have you killed the most virtual people?

My mom asked me this question once as a young teen and it always stuck with me.

At the time it was first asked I would have said "Commander and Conquer: Red Alert" or Alpha Centauri, but even one game of DEFCON put the question in a new light for me.

In space 4X games your kills might be in the trillions, but abstracted. Comparatively a FPS's murder sprees look tame. When you abandon a civilain population to a terror event in XCOM, does that count?

Feel free to interpret the question however you want, because I think that's half the fun. (In what game have you killed the most real life multiplayer opponents?)

It’s gotta be GTA3 for me.

I have a couple thousand kills in PUBG.

As an adult, I don't enjoy murder simulators very much anymore. So thinking of all the games I played as a kid, which one I racked the most kills in?

easily this one:

A cousin witnessed me playing Madness Interactive in 5th grade and told my adopted parents. He described how I was bragging about suicide bombing the bad guys. I was severely punished.

I guess this depends on how we are going to define “you”:

  • * The player's avatar, present in the action and in the moment (eg, Wolfenstein, GTA, Wing Commander);
  • * The player is representing a "General" or some other Command-and-Control type functionality, also in the moment (eg Command and Conquer, XCOM, DEFCON);
  • * The player has no direct representation in the game world or moment of time, but we influence action because it is a game (eg Civilisation, Stellaris, Master of Orion)
  • ..and I suppose also how wide the definition for "virtual person" goes.

    I would probably guess that the largest "I have directly controlled an avatar to perform violence on others" count for me would likely be in some sort of action-RPG, probably Path of Exile going by sheer count of hours played most likely. There's almost certainly a story beat I'm forgetting about in a game I've played at some point that involved blowing up a planet or a galaxy or something like that. I remember deliberately losing at Star Strike on the Intellivision sometimes, just to see the animation of the alien bomber blowing up the Earth. Maybe that counts, on a technicality?


    You're a monster


    Masters of Orion 2 is honestly pretty high up on my personal score board

    Almost certainly Roller Coaster Tycoon

    might have mentioned this on the forum before but:

    when I bought the elder scrolls oblivion at fry's electronics the cashier told me how cool it was that the game let you kill anyone, and that he'd been spending weeks meticulously killing every single npc in the game

    And related a related question - which single videogame person has been killed the most? I'm thinking the guard in the bathroom in the first level of goldeneye

    Probably Call of Duty: Black Ops? I played that game the most of any CoD game by far. I think I had something around 80k kills total?

    Though that's just as an individual, if we're abstracting this to "Ordered to be killed" Stronghold: Crusader has a decent chance of being the highest, as I've played a ton of that and have hundreds to low thousands of enemies killed per round.

    Then again, MK3, Smoke & Cyrax have that Fatality that blows up the entire planet which would be like 5 Billion people...


    The first goomba in stage 1-1 of super mario brothers


    If you add all the "Call of Duty"s together that's easily the game I have the most multiplayer kills on. Modern Warefare, particularly. But that's partly a function of how hard it is to find a opponent in more obscure games.

    Like I think I only played one multiplayer match of Homeworld in my life.

    Speaking of Homeworld, that's gotta have some good numbers.

    @yeso#15418 For me in Goldeneye it was always the final showdown with like 4 waves of enemies raiding the control room while you wait on a timer. Ugh.

    @Moon#15424 yes probably the initial goomba, or maybe like the second from the left space invader or whatever.

    That first goomba must also be the videogame enemy that has killed the most players, right? What else could it be...

    Consider the cruel afterlife of the Pac Man ghost. A being that knows only hunger and fear, pacing a labyrinth for eternity, locked in a sisyphean battle with a singular foe imbued with a level of agency that the ghost will never know. Doomed to die helplessly running from a genocidal mouth with no eyes again and again again. Digitally replicated a billion times so his perpetual torture can amuse and entertain higher dimensional beings.

    But technically it's not death, is it? Death would be too good for the pacman ghost. What unspeakable crime did the pacman ghost commit in life to deserve this odd hell?

    It has to be GTA San Andreas. I would turn on the cheats for infinite ammo + double sawed-off shotguns and just obliterate all of virtual California. You can blast helicopters out of the sky and wipe clean highways full of vehicles with those guns.

    Runner up probably includes Fallout 3. As a disaffected millennial dirtbag, I'm not too proud to say I committed gruesome acts of wanton slaughter on backup save files at the end of a session just for kicks and or gigs. As an adult I also used my experience with Fallout 4's settlements system to become a quasi Big Boss of the commonwealth, sending new settlers to train in gladiator battle camps and deploying survivors to defend farm towns. That's a story for another day.

    Red dead redemption 2