indie game vocal album

I would like to try to compile a vocal album out of indie games, because I feel like that‘s who’s been reviving the idea of vocal tracks in games lately. I‘d also like to keep it relatively in the zone of these two tracks which I’m definitely wanting to feature:

Paradise (Stay Forever) | Barry "Epoch" Topping | Kaizen Game Works

so, electronic, guitars, jazzy, that kind of thing. I don't think orchestral stuff would necessarily fit, but acoustic stuff might, depending.

Maybe this fits!?

Anyway, share your thoughts please! I know I'm missing a bunch. Let's see what we got over here.

Definitely more like Bugsnax than the other tracks, but I love the Clockwork Calamity in Mushroom World soundtrack.

(you can get around the playback limit by listening from the itch page or this embed I guess)

Cool Museum, Cherry Blossom Hills or Cylvey Clock Tower would be my top picks.

Supergiant Games always have banger vocal tracks, especially Transistor.

Get in the Car, Loser! has some amazing tracks by Christa Lee and some of them have vocals!

Oh, and Firewatch has a single vocal track but the vibe is totally different, so I don't think it would fit.
Also is that Chris Remo singing? Or are the vocals by somebody else?

Just realized both of these tracks are related to previous guests of the show!

Just thought of another one, I don't like the game very much but Ikenfell has a few vocal tacks that I think would fit here.

This is real tough! Who would have thought that so many indie vocal tracks for games are essentially backed by just slow-playing piano?

What springs to mind is this banger from Double Dragon Neon. Strangely I don't appear to be able to embed it from [bandcamp](

Also, perhaps this is too mellow and even cheating a bit given that Sayonara Wild Hearts is essentially a pop album on its own but this track always gets me. Unfortunately it doesn't appear to be on bandcamp.

@“穴”#p57506 that is chris remo singing!

And yeah, ikenfell is a good choice potentially!

@"LeFish"#p57521 these are good! Cheating is fine in this case