INDIGENOUS GAMERS: HUGE NEWS (TO ME)... how come you all didn't tell me...

…that John Romero is indigenous???

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I mean, ok, to be fair, he wasn't that vocal about it until recently, but, what a get for the indigenous community!!!!!!

I'm kind of floored at the idea that ~20 years ago I was reading dumb ass jokes about John Romero's long hair, and today, I'm finding out that he has long worn his hair that way as an expression of his culture, as I do.

And yet... it makes so much sense. Who else but an indigenous dude would be funny enough to hide an Easter Egg of his own severed head inside the skull of the last boss of his own game?? That is most definitely elevated indigenous humour.

Thus it was that Gche Mnidoo gave us _DOOM_ (1993), a treasure of indigenous the cultures of Turtle Island/Cemanahuac, and thus the last 25 years of action games are now a part of our priceless ongoing cultural legacy. You're welcome!!! Truly, we gave (the first episode of _DOOM)_ with no expectation of receiving anything in return.



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John Romero allegedly set to produce spiritual successor to Turok


@“treefroggy”#p134786 John Romero allegedly set to produce spiritual successor to Turok

It's him, he's the spiritual successor to Turok

[“HUGE NEWS (TO ME)… how come you all didn’t tell me…”,“INDIGENOUS GAMERS: HUGE NEWS (TO ME)… how come you all didn’t tell me…”]

i must admit, i presumed this would be a thread about those born on the hard, square, pixelly soil of Gamer Nation but it's actually much cooler than that!

John Romero has had a cool personality redemption arc in his career much like Cliffy B. I also suspect this is a function of his age.

And ironically one of the braver things he's doing is posting about it on X/Twitter where he's more likely to get abuse and harassment because of his heritage.

Good on him. This is neat.


@“rootfifthoctave”#p134807 born on the hard, square, pixelly soil of Gamer Nation


this month I have been thinking about games made by romero and Cliff B. more than I ever have before. I was present and willfully indifferent to such games, touching them sometimes. But now while I'm on a huge PC library curation and xbox kick, I'm looking at the trajectory of Jazz Jack Rabbit -> Unreal -> Gears of war 3, Keen -> Doom -> Quake.
I'm open to any guidance on my journey. I've gotta admit, listening to Cliff on the IC Podcast shifted my view on the Gears of War series from middle school redneck game to something else that I'm willing to look at again.

I've been discussing indigenous archetypes in gaming with big G lately, glad there's a thread for the topic now.

@“antillese”#p134823 Conscious PR campaign/image rebuild:

And the bitch ad which until recently his reasoning for why he wasn’t at all responsible for it was “because that’s gay”:

And marrying a teenager after he and Stevie Case broke up. Whoops.

I like Romero and I think Stevie Case is similarly lacking a sense of personal accountability but there is something weird going on.

Romero‘s twenty years older and has been married to Brenda Brathwaite for a decade, so I hardly think it’s impossible that he‘s genuinely matured. I also don’t think him or his people are ever going to be able to massage him marrying a Romanian teenager he groomed online, but he's fortunate that people seem to have completely memory-holed that little slip-up.