Inexplicable adaptation choices

For example…

@“TarpeianRock”#p112585 this one is great though. I liked it in 1993 (I saw it in the theater) and I like it more now!!! it‘s explicably when one realizes it’s the max headroom team doing it.

@“TarpeianRock”#p112585 I mean, they explain it… dude’s head got hit with “de-evolution” tech

I figured the topic was the opposite, where we look at adaptation choices in games based on movies and other properties, like for example…adapting the 80s Paul McCartney musical drama movie, Give My Regards To Broad Street, into a video game

It's kinda like that "My Dinner With Andre arcade game" joke from The Simpsons.


@“2501”#p112594 I mean, they explain it… dude’s head got hit with “de-evolution” tech

I guess I meant in terms of pop cultural expectation

Have I ever told you about the PC-98 visual novel based on the movie in a movie in the second Creamy Mami OVA? The one released a decade after said OVA?


For reference, *Creamy Mami* is your standard pre-*Sailor Moon* magical girl show, where a ten year old girl moonlights as a sixteen year old idol and goes on fun magic adventures.

Home Improvement… Tim the Toolman Taylor fights dinosaurs!

I don‘t know if hidden object game is an inexplicable genre choice for Shutter Island, if anything it’s pretty reasonable.

but... they turned Shutter Island into a video game

@“captain”#p147378 Reminds me of the canceled Taxi Driver game, which was somehow a thing at one point

Oh man