Insert Credit Animal Crossing Crib Crawl

Hey y‘all. Avoided making this one for a long time. Let’s do it.


I recently got around to updating my Nintendo Switch Original Firmware as well as the custom firmware, and got back into adding on to my Animal Crossing town: Butt Creek

It‘s based on the PNW and the gamecube version of Animal Crossing. I’ve had it since launch and kept it natural and chill, not overwhelming or over-designed.

The last thing I have to do is build a church, as the 8th human player character slot is filled.

I recall someone on here started playing recently. I have a Nintendo Online Family Plan, and the only game I play online is Animal Crossing.
Animal Crossing hang sessions can feel like a waste of time sometimes. Here's what I can guarantee to make it worth your while: If you need any items, I can help you out. If you add me as a friend, it will be easy to just mail you something if you say you need it here on the forum..

Here's a photo of a 4-20-20 hang session which was later busted by a surprise visit from the cops:

Anyways, I mainly made this thread because I don't remember who started playing recently or I don't want to bump a thread just to make an ACNH connection. Here's a thread for linking up in the game or posting your stuff from **any animal crossing game**.
I have a ton of screenshots...

come through

Yes! I've been getting back into AC this past week and its taken every little particle of willpower not to dump thousands of photos into various threads — Thanks for putting this together.

Let's hang!

My partner's and my town is **Nonamé** — It's got lots of campsites, lots of ducks, lots of dogs, a prepper bear, a rich biddy who lives in the hills, and a snack lounge.

Been making a lot of changes recently and expanding my home so its a bit of a WIP ATM. But the beaches aren't littered with garbage anymore!

I mostly like making custom designs and [got SUPER into Happy Home Paradise]( before having to restart last week (RIP).

"This island is ripe with development potential." - us

“Final” ButtCreek dream update.



@“treefroggy”#p156496 Butt Creek

@“safety_lite”#p156543 I got your Friend Request. Hit me on discord ( treefroggy ) when you want to link!