Insert Credit Art Jam - May

@CidNight#30280 ahh this is so cool

@CidNight#30280 good god all your watercolor stuff is just incredible :fire:

This is hard there’s so many good episodes

Maybe I’ll draw fister twister blister and post it here someday

Incredibly disappointed to find out I remembered wrong and Pregnant Elsa Dies at Dentist was not an episode title

@GigaSlime#30447 it might as well be. I say do it. It can be a subtitle!

been workin’ myself to the bone so i haven’t Felt The Artistic Impulse lately, but since we’re on the topic here’s some fun trivia about how I pick episode titles: I write down every goofy throwaway line in the episode as I’m editing, and then read them all to @persephone with zero context and have them pick. that’s been the method since about episode 150something when I took over.

Episode 176

Gin & Sonic


Following up 176…

[size=15]**177 - Yakuza the Musical**

### New Topic Announcement!!

Happy Monday everyone!
It's perfect day to sit down and admire all of last week's work. After running this week's random number generator, I had a good chuckle at what this week's topic would be and I think this is going to be a real fun one for you all!

So anyhow, without further ado...


### Art Jam #8's Topic Is...:

### videogame characters enjoying their favourite food!

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My pleasure! Seeing more art is great and making can be even better :smiley:

@wickedcestus#30275 this was a fun read! Very amusing and imaginitive. It reminds me of a part in Earthbound where the sprites become very small.

@CidNight I'm really into this! There's a lot of energy behind that horizontal slice. It makes me wonder what happened here ... It's nice seeing your work evolve from pencil to watercolor also!

@kory#30481 lol, I see you

@captain#30518 I loved this episode and this image is fun to look at, with a lot all the stuff going on! Looks like everyones got their own agenda or somethin.

Looks like we all had a busy week! I figure I‘d leave this topic up for another week, just in case anyone wants to take a crack at it. I understand that it’s summertime and everyone must be doing some relaxing and merrymaking.

I hope you all are having a nice summer!



@SuperEffective#31364 I hope you all are having a nice summer!

Best wishes to you as well <3 <3 <3

I support leaving the topic up for another week, I really was just busy

@SuperEffective#31364 Me too - the end of the school year is a really crazy and hectic time for me, but I'm hoping to have more time for art this week.

appreciate this chief :raised_hands:t4: had my last field placement for school and a writing fellowship start two weeks ago so I have been s w a m p e d

I’ve been missing this space tho, looking forward to creating and sharing with y’all again soon 🖤

i tried to make an eating noise. should be misophonia-friendly

inspired by the following


"Breakfast at Snake's House, in the Company of Him and His Tall Head"
_graphite on copier paper_

@captain#33193 This is the way to revive the art jam

Holy crap