Insert Credit Flavored Questions that are too stupid for the Dirtbag


That urban legend was part of the whole PokeGods thing, right?

@“穴”#p153529 Charmy the Bee would be a pretty good Pokemon. Maybe Espio too.

Based on the logic of Tails's character, Ninetails would be one of the most powerful Sonic characters ever.

@“rearnakedwindow”#p153574 dunno, it was 1998 and in the rural south, and told to me by an eight year old when I was a seven year old.

What is the “by dose is all stubbed ub” of video games?

What is the baked in a buttery flaky crust of video games?

what is the Zapruder film of video games?

10 years ago, Tim Sweeney said that games would have photo-realistic graphics in 10 years. How did we fail him?

Was Tetris inevitable? I.e., if Pajitnov hadn't invented Tetris, would it have been invented by someone else later?

Corollary: how much of games today is dependent on the decisions/discoveries we happened to make first?

Is eating a goomba vegan? asking for a friend

@“穴”#p155425 I think they're shiitake mushrooms, so yes…

Which begs the question, is there a gigantic mycelium network running underground in Mario World? Does Mario endanger this habitat by jumping around indiscriminately?

What does [INSERT CREDIT] smells like?

what is the “My Nephew Works at Nintendo” of video games.

What is the bread bowl of video games?

@“Garrett.exe”#p157685 Dreamcast VMU! A container for soup (games) that can be eaten (played).

@“Garrett.exe”#p157685 This feels to me like exactly the right amount of stupid for the Dirtbag.

Assuming a normal outfit on a day with mild weather and while wearing no accessories (a bag, a backpack etc), how many magazines could Frank Cifaldi have on his person at one time without dropping any?

What is the Grey Gardens of video games?

Controllers have A, B, C-Stick, D-Pads, L, R, X, Y, and Z buttons. What letter should they add next?

@“Tradegood”#p158954 Q

@“Tradegood”#p158954 schwa