Insert Credit Forum's 2022 Game of the Year thread

Exactly one year ago I asked what everyone‘s favourite games of 2021 were but I’m now asking you what your favourite games of 2022 are. How novel.

Last year I said this:


I’m interested in hearing about the games that were your close seconds, games that came out this year that you have bought but yet to play, or even games that you’re looking forward to that have yet to come out.


Perhaps we all have different definitions of what a GOTY game is, or should be. Perhaps you just consider it to be “the best” or perhaps take a more nuanced approach and consider cultural impact, technical achievement and other factors.


I’d also be interested in hearing what you think counts. Would a port or staggered multiplatform release of a game from last year count (e.g. Yakuza: Like a Dragon)? Does Shin Megami Tensei 3’s HD gloss-only remaster count? What about Ace Attorney Chronicles being rejigged, upgraded, and released for the first time in English? Or Nier 1.4’s not-remake, not-remaster?

This year, my only real personal boundary is that there's something different about a rereleased game but that I would look on more favourably to games that have more treatment done.

I must admit that I've not played many games from this year but of the ones that I have, I've enjoyed, in no order:

  • - Splatoon 3
  • - Stranger of Paradise
  • - Little Noah
  • - Mothmen 1966
  • - Pocky and Rocky Reshrined
  • - The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story
  • - LiveALive remake
  • - Xenoblade 3
  • - Soul Hackers 2
  • Of those the only one that fell flat for me was the final act / final sequence of Xenoblade 3, which spectacularly nose-dived with its painful mess of narrative closure (and its atrocious final boss). All the rest I had a real good time with.

    The only game that came out this year that I really didn't enjoy was Trek to Yomi but at least that was mercifully brief.

    Games that came out this year that I'd like to play:

  • - Most of Square Enix's output but particularly Dragon Quest Treasures and Star Ocean
  • - Kirby
  • - King of Fighters XV once I have the opportunity to give SNK as little money as possible
  • - That new Turtles game
  • - Bayonetta 3
  • - The collection of old Turtles game
  • - I'll add more as I remember them
  • What've you all enjoyed from this year?

    Remind me, when did Blue Stinger come out

    Know By Heart


    The Excavation of Hob’s Barrow

    World Of Horror

    Earth Defense Force 6


    The Case of the Golden Idol


    Angels Bleeding

    Critters For Sale

    Card Shark

    and sure I’ll throw

    _Elden Ring_

    on the list too why not

    I have come to realise the only criterion I care for (when coming up with my own list) is: did I play the game this year?

    I haven’t even started to think about this yet, and there are a few games I’d like to get around to soon that perhaps I will run out of 2022 for, and they’ll end up as candidates for next year’s list.

    @“yeso”#p90973 Card Shark has intrigued me for ages though from what I remember reading about it it throws somewhat of an overwhelming amount of tricks/plays at you towards the end of it but I wonder whether that is a bit overstated.

    I also didn't know that there was a new EDF game. I'll check it out.

    @“LeFish”#p90976 that’s true re Card Shark and why it’s on the bottom of my list. It’s a manageable frustration if you play in short sessions. Everything else about it is just that nice though

    Haven‘t played much either but considering I’m going to play a lot of short-ish games it may go up.

    Best games of 2022 (all of them are very good, although there's no game that has been extraordinary imo):

  • - Citizen Sleeper
  • - Immortality
  • - Lunacid
  • - Signalis
  • Good games that are not on my best games, but are worth playing:

  • - FAR: Changing Tides
  • - Stray
  • - Soul Hackers 2
  • - Saturnalia
  • - Star Ocean: The Divine Force
  • - The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story
  • I'm playing through other games, though (Signalis, Saturnalia and other ones), but I think I'm going to wait because there are a lot. But if I have to recommend any game, those are the first two atm.

    Another thing are games from previous years, which is another story.

    My all around favorite this year was Norco, months later I‘m still thinking about it. I guess it’s “easy” to just talk about the stuff the game talks about, like pollution, religion, exploitation and such, but the way it connects them in this personal story is so good. Aaaaghh.

    Also, some other stuff that I've enjoyed this year:

  • - Splatoon 3
  • - Peglin
  • - KOF XV
  • Stuff I've seen my partner play that I still haven't touched but that looks cool:

  • - Tunic
  • - Cult of the Lamb
  • Can we throw Rollerdrome in there? That game is very good.

    Right now it‘s edging out Elden Ring for my game of the year. And depending on how Signalis shakes out I’d say include that (so far I'm enjoying it a fair bit).

    I‘ve mentioned around the forum a couple times already that Pocky & Rocky Reshrined is my GAME OF THE YEAR 2022 and it’d be impossible for anything else to even approach taking its place - which yes, even coming up on the end of the year this is still true. This is mostly because, despite tons of games coming out this year that I‘m aware are immaculately made, not many speak to my particular sensibilities (and certainly not in comparison to Pocky & Rocky). I did enjoy some other games, though! None I’d especially call GAME OF THE YEAR 2022 for various reasons, but such games include:

  • - LIVE [color=red]A[/color] LIVE
  • - _[Vacant Kingdom](
  • - _Kirby and the Forgotten Land_
  • - _[A Clumsy Flight](
  • And as far as games I'm sure I'd enjoy but simply haven't gotten around to/isn't released yet:

  • - An Outcry
  • - _[Wayward Strand](
  • - _[Potato Flowers in Full Bloom](
  • - _[Moonleap]( (actually, visiting the store page for the first time and found out this is free - might just play it today)
  • - _[Melon Journey: Bittersweet Memories](
  • Also, I'd like to retract a similar statement I've been making about how _New Pokémon Snap_ was my **GAME OF THE YEAR 2021**. That game is in fact very good, but I've since played _[Sumire]( and to me, that is easily and by far the best game released last year. It's $1.99 on Steam right now during the sale and I've linked to the store page. If you think my taste is similar to yours then you know what to do.

    Torn between Live A Live remake being a great old game with a newfangled graphical style I don’t love (just can’t get over how these HD2D games deploy bloom lighting & particle effects) and Xenoblade 3 being another majorly flawed monsterpiece that I still willingly allowed to consume my entire life for upwards of a month and still occasionally have pangs to return to.

    Yessir, I do only play games on my Nintendo Switch anymore why do you ask

    yeah I'd believe P & R should be on the official list. I just had it filed in my brain as an old (great) game


    @“KingTubb”#p90994 Rollerdrome

    I have to make this one a priority before the end of the year!

    _Sable_ is still on the way for consoles too, have been waiting to play that on the big tv.

    and I still need to play citizen sleeper got dang it. And the new devil daggers game

    I will be using this thread and the inevitable pod episode to track indie and lowkey releases I very definitely missed from being totally out of touch with the Gaming Beat in the current decade beyond Nintendo Directs and such. Without the gushing here for example I probably wouldn’t even know Dungeon Encounters existed, let alone have blown almost 50 hours on it as my Volume Down Multitasking Game of Choice 2022.

    Right now there's only 3 games worth considering this year: Sophstar, Hazelnut Hex, and (the likely GOTY 2022) Pocky and Rocky Reshrined.

    **However** -

    The rest of this year seems stacked so I'll wait to throw together a final list until like January or February I think.

    (I will surely remember 2022 as the year of the Vampire Survivors clone, however, no game has ever produced such get off my lawnishness in me. It is a slot machine inside of a slot machine inside of a slot machine. So I can and will say definitely two months early that Vampire Survivors is the _scapegoty_ 2022)

    @“TracyDMcGrath”#p91004 Oh for sure. There's still two months worth of releases to go, no doubt with some real good, fun times involved.

    @"2501"#p91001 I've not really paid an awful lot of attention to indies this year. Mothmen 1966 is the only one that I've engaged with from memory and I'll be using this thread to check out what people have enjoyed too.

    I‘ve thought about it a little bit, and here is a provisional list that I’m going to reserve the right to edit, and is always going to be mostly unsorted. I usually just end up with a #1 and an unordered pile of “everything else that I liked”.

  • * Citizen Sleeper
  • * Picross S7
  • * The Excavation of Hob's Barrow
  • * Elden Ring
  • * Vampire Survivors
  • * AI: The Somnium Files
  • * The Case of the Golden Idol
  • * Phantasy Star IV
  • * Return to Monkey Island
  • * Last Call BBS
  • I want to get around to playing Norco, and I'm at least somewhat interested in Pentiment. Stray might make the list just on the first hour or two of hanging out with that game and being a cat. If I get to actually playing 428 Shibuya Scramble there's a chance it will make the list -- I only had a very brief (maybe 30 minutes?) look at it before deciding I needed to try something else before diving in to another VN right after finishing Somnium Files.

    (I totally forgot that DNF Duel came out this year but that's very much a GOTY contender)

    Before listing any games I want to offer some thoughts: I think we have to thank this beginning of the generation crawl for a couple of reasons. First of all, imho it has sufficiently demonstrated that the current AAA model is simply not sustainable for the industry as it is. There are not enough releases and those releases take so much time that if the industry as a whole had to bet all its chips on that it would be a disaster. This has also put us in a space where indies and other mid-tier productions not only get their space to shine, but to also demonstrate how and why they can be more interesting than the 200th ubisoft recycled open world game.

    Games I've found enjoyable so far:

  • -

    Caves of Qud. Still on early access, but I put like 30-40 hours into it earlier this year. The ultimate cozy and hang-out videogame for me. Full of discovery, sense of wonder and unique quirkiness. Manages to effortless surprise constantly, so good.

  • -

    **Grand Cross REnovation.** One of the many, many good STG releases we've got this year. Full of that late 90s weirdly experimental vibe a la Radiant Silvergun, Einhander and Soukyugurentai.

  • -

    **Gran Turismo 7.** It caught me completely off-guard how much I've enjoyed this game. It's my favorite Gran Turismo of all time and another extremely chill and hangout-y game to put time into. I love how they introduced all the car history and car-related trivia into the main mode.

  • -

    **Neon White.** A bit of a spoiled opportunity in terms of the narrative but the incredibly solid game core + the music and overall presentation compensate for it. Cool game.

  • -

    **SCORN.** Lots of texture, atmosphere and vibes. Really committed to the vision, it was a great time.

  • -

    **Bayonetta 3.** This game is surprisingly weird??? It's full of creativity and ideas, it takes huge amounts of risks in terms of taking this far an already established franchise. Secret best kaiju game of 2022.

  • -

    **Pocky & Rocky Reshrined.** God bless TENGO Project.

  • -

    **HYPER DEMON.** Holy shit this was good.

  • 2022 games I still need to put proper time into, but that I think that could make it to the list:

  • - Citizen Sleeper
  • - NORCO
  • - Case of the Golden Idol
  • - Somnium Files 2
  • - Immortality
  • - The Shin-chan game
  • - Live A Live
  • - Hob's Barrow
  • - Kamiwaza
  • - Return to Monkey Island
  • - Signalis
  • Also, shoutout to how much I've come to dislike **Elden Ring**. Every time it pops up on my head and I remember the time I put into it I like it a bit less. Fucking open worlds fill me with dread.

    Shit, I completely forgot about Kamizawa and Gungrave GORE. Heck, no…

    Aditionally, this year has been super good both in terms of good/promising early access games being launched AND games in the 90s retro-flavored fps sphere, with some overlap between the two categories. We got Gloomwood, Cultic, Blood West, Ctrl Alt Ego, Lunacid, Dread Delusion, Turbo Overkill, Prodeus just on top of my head, with plenty more I can't remember right now.