Insert Credit Gaiden #1 - Smadori

@“MDS-02”#p141037 gotta be some drink bar shenanigans

Also as someone right in the same age range as the main 3 panelists gotta say I'm worried about all this talk about not being able to drink coffee and booze

@“thebryanjzx90”#p141062 it doesn't happen to everyone! You might be safe

@"MDS-02"#p141037 all will be explained come holiday time (I'm exaggerating the kicked out aspect)

I‘ve never been able to reliably drink coffee. Messes with my blood pressure, stress levels, and my gut. But alcohol is fine, because I really have no tendency to abuse it. I’ve never been blackout drunk and regular drunk maybe only a few times in my life.

But it makes me sad to hear Brandon wrestling with being unable to consume any. Just because alcohol-free beers and highballs are getting better doesn't mean they're truly good. But also, I would actually probably deal with them better because it sounds like Brandon and I have very different beer tastes (I like malt and wheat and such).

i way gonna say, malty beers are great! i live in portland where there are 5 new ipas produced every day tho so they are more of a novelty to me maybe than yet another bitter hoppy thing

I determined that I have an allergy or intolerance to hops and I quit drinking beer about 2 years ago. Vodka is alright! But no beer. It stinks though because I did enjoy trying different styles. I was able to determine this because even a miller lite would make me very ill, and tried one of those non-alcoholic hop waters to duplicate ill effects.

hops have an effect on the body's histamines so i imagine that kind of allergic response is much more common than people realize, when getting ill from drinking can be explained as a hangover or somethng

For me it is probably actually:

  1. sugar!? I get into a similar situation if I drink something sugary, just slower
  2. stress! I can't really stop this one for a few months

but not drinking alcohol is good anyway so I'll see if I can both let my body forget what alcohol is like while also hopefully eventually de-stressing? that's the idea anyway

In response to @rearnakedwindow ’s question, I will say that as someone who lives in Japan (Yokohama), I see people playing game consoles in public so infrequently that whenever it happens, I feel a mild jolt of excitement, and the kind of obligation to go and say what’s up that Brandon describes. It’s almost always a DS, not a 3DS. Second place would be Switch, and quite often Switch Lite. Anything other than those is vanishingly rare these days.

@“whatsarobot”#p141149 lol so of course an hour after posting that, I see a dude on the train watching something on his Vita!

@“whatsarobot”#p141156 NICE. high fives to that dude.

It's probs already posted somewhere but that new beer alarm is the boss-incoming sound from a shoot em up, right?

@“connrrr”#p141190 it's from Darius! Not sure which one though.

@“connrrr”#p141190 @“exodus”#p141200 good old fashioned arcade Darius!

As someone who loves bitter drinks but hates consuming alcohol, I had it rough here in Brazil. The local non-alcoholic tasted like seltzer water went wrong and imported ones were too expensive. Nowadays there’s a pretty drinkable Bud and an almost acceptable Stella. Both taste amazing after running a 5k, though.

Deschutes Black Butte Porter is my favorite N/A beer I've tried. The version that has alcohol is already a thin, relatively low-alcohol porter so Deschutes did a great job of mimicking it. I suspect I might fail the Pepsi Challenge trying to guess which one is the one with booze in it.