Insert Credit Gaiden #3 - Computer Music: an Interview with chibi-tech

### Insert Credit Gaiden #3 - Computer Music: an Interview with chibi-tech

Brandon Sheffield interviews musical artist [chibi-tech]( on her career in chiptune, working in Japan, and breaking through the noise in front of an Akihabara busker. Featuring Brandon Sheffield and chibi-tech. Intro by Alex Jaffe. Edited by Esper Quinn, original music by Kurt Feldman.



  • 1. Preface (00:24)
  • 2. What are your musical origins? (02:37)
  • 3. When did your music break out? (07:36)
  • 4. How did you start making music professionally? (11:08)
  • 5. What advice would you give someone wanting to work in Japan or with Japanese companies? (15:37)
  • 6. chibi-tech - Pheromone Overdosage (20:27)
  • 7. chibi-tech - Amerio no Jikan (26:09)
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  • - [Omotesandō](
  • - [chibi-tech](
  • - [M2](
  • - [Sonic the Hedgehog](
  • - [Sonic the Hedgehog 2](
  • - [Kokuga](
  • - [Game Gear Micro](
  • - [Fantasy Zone](
  • - [OutRun](
  • - [Pheromone OVERDOSAGE](
  • - [Amiga 1000](
  • - [Ampex](
  • - [Nolan Bushnell](
  • - [Atari](
  • - [Deluxe Music Construction Set](
  • - [Ninja Gaiden](
  • - [Zero no Tsukaima](
  • - [The World Famous Vincent Diamante](
  • - [Sky: Children of the Light](
  • - [Journey](
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    fantastic episode with lovely music at the end

    Very nice little side story there - really enjoying this spin off series! Very cool to find some very interesting people to talk to. And not just because this time I didn't spill any beverage of any kind at all!!

    @"Jaffe"#205 - please can you use MANY more Red Dwarf references wherever possible, there's just not enough of them. This makes Mr. Flibble very angry...

    super glad the music was included. i like to think i‘d have looked it up anyway, but the fact it was in there means i now have something new to listen to! i’m a bit picky with music and this stuff goes hard. absolutely love it, thanks to everyone involved in this ep!

    Loving the gaidens. I listen one week early so by the time the thread rolls around I kinda forget but wanted to mention it!

    There is not much I can add, but I loved the music included at the end. I will definitely check out her music

    i think i first heard chibitech in an anamanaguchi mix back in 2014, where they included ‘love is insecurable’. then i looked it up, heard ‘moe moe kyunstep’ and, despite knowing basically nothing about maid cafe culture/dubstep (or even what “moe” really means), it was completely obvious to me that she had a totally unique sound and approach compared to the rest of the chiptune genre (a thing i have not really kept up to date with). nobody else that i can think of got close to sounding as cool as chibitech without relying heavily on sounds outside of the chiptune palettes. MoeNES is just 100% bangers. i love it!